Review Policy *updated*

As of 2017: Sorry for the bad news my lovelies. I can no longer accept epub, mobi, pdf for now. Call me old school. Call me a luddite (wait a minute. No I’m not. I’m a gamer lol.) but I just can’t do e-books. If you have print though, that’s fine. Thanks for understanding. 

The following genres I am willing to review:

– Mystery/thriller/horror

– Scifi

– Fantasy

– YA and Middle Grade (all genres, depending on what the plot is about)

– Historical Fiction

I Will Not Take

– Christian Fiction*

– Romance*

– Books that contain cruelty to animals (in graphic detail)

* The reason why I put an asterix beside Christian Fiction and Romance is because I may or may not take them depending on several things:

When it comes to Christian Fiction, I will only take ones that are historical fiction. For example: Masquerade, She Walks in Beauty. Also note I am not religious, so I’ll be reading and reviewing these kinds of books based on the historical context and how interesting the plot/characters will be.

When it comes to romances, I like them clean (no explicit fluid swapping moments in large amounts of detail, please!  my eyes start to bleed when I read these things!) an example would be: The Portrait. If there is explicit scenes in your book, I don’t mind a bit of this kind of content but if it’s every other chapter I’d like to be spared, thanks. Oh, and if the feature couple are being chased by somebody/something and feel they have the time to actually do the deed, spare me that also, I really can’t stand that either.

Any other questions you can always contact me

Email: sensitivemuse at gmail dot com


Thanks! cookies for everybody!



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