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Review Policy

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The following genres I am willing to review:

– Mystery/thriller/horror

– Scifi

– Fantasy

– YA and Middle Grade (all genres, depending on what the plot is about)

– Historical Fiction

I Will Not Take

– Christian Fiction*

– Romance*

– Books that contain cruelty to animals (in graphic detail)

* The reason why I put an asterix beside Christian Fiction and Romance is because I may or may not take them depending on several things:

When it comes to Christian Fiction, I will only take ones that are historical fiction. For example: Masquerade, She Walks in Beauty. Also note I am not religious, so I’ll be reading and reviewing these kinds of books based on the historical context and how interesting the plot/characters will be.

When it comes to romances, I like them clean (no explicit fluid swapping moments in large amounts of detail, please!  my eyes start to bleed when I read these things!) an example would be: The Portrait. If there is explicit scenes in your book, I don’t mind a bit of this kind of content but if it’s every other chapter I’d like to be spared, thanks. Oh, and if the feature couple are being chased by somebody/something and feel they have the time to actually do the deed, spare me that also, I really can’t stand that either.

Any other questions you can always contact me

Email: sensitivemuse at gmail dot com


Thanks! cookies for everybody!

Note as of September, 2011: I am still taking books/e-books for review however due to some life events, reviews are going to be slow. If you’re wanting a quick review then perhaps it’s best not to ask me. If you have no deadline however and still want me to review your book then by all means you can contact me. 

Written by Karoline

April 21, 2011 at 12:30 pm

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