When the Past Comes Back…


Somewhere on the South African veldt, 1901: At the height of the Boer War, a doctor at a British concentration camp conducts a series of grim experiments on Boer prisoners. His work ends in chaos, but two children survive: a boy named Benjamin, and a girl named Tessa. One hundred years later, a disgraced young police constable is reassigned to the sleepy South African town of Unie, where she makes a terrifying discovery: the body of a young woman, burned beyond recognition. The crime soon leads her into her country’s violent past a past that includes her father, a high-ranking police official under the apartheid regime, and the children left behind in that long ago concentration camp. (From Goodreads)

This is not a book to read, leave and come back to later. The reader needs to read this carefully and put the pieces of the puzzle together to understand how every character was involved and when the loose ends have been tied, it’s an amazing read and we’re left with a wow experience at the final page of the book.

It’s definitely not a quick read but meant to be read slowly as the book spans through the early 1900’s right until present time. One must also follow who’s who in the book and keep in mind the characters. As the ones in the past are still playing in part in what’s happening in the present. Its written through different various points of view so the reader gets both sides of the story but it’s so well written and eventually the reader will be witness as to how the murder has taken place and how Alet is central to what’s happening. The plot was very well done. Some historical information may help to better understand the situation if needed, but otherwise it’s very clear and understandable. What may cause a problem is there’s a lot of terminology and references to various words in Afrikaans. Some words do make sense but others may need some dictionary to help understand it better.

What I enjoyed the most of this book is how characters are tied into the past and the present. The book goes back and forth and you get to see them as how they were in the past, and how they are in the present. Their personalities don’t really change, but you get to see how they evolve and what led them to their positions, and how all of them come together to make this murder case.

Alet is, from the start of the book one big mess (thanks to her past) and although she’s not that likable, she earned my sympathy at the end when her investigation reaches a climax. You certainly feel for her at the end of the book but at the same time admire what she went through to get the information to solve the murder case and you admire her strength afterwards for what she had to do, to put it behind her.

At times this book can be a hard read as corruption is rampant through the police force and those in higher positions are not entirely innocent or have shiny records of achievement. Yet because of their privilege and of who they are, they’ve gotten away with it. You feel the injustice and the resentment throughout the book. You feel sympathy towards those who have been wronged and bear the abuse. I really felt for Flippie, and Jacob. Trudie/Tessa who was central to this story along with Alet, her story was so interesting as all she wanted to was to live peacefully and lead a somewhat ‘normal’ life. It was interesting to read her story from when she was born to the present.

I really enjoyed this novel, I was hoping it would be a series, but perhaps it’s better if it is a stand alone. I don’t think Alet could have gone on that far with what she went through. I greatly recommend this book to anyone who has a liking to a good murder thriller, with historical fiction mixed in. It’s a long read but well worth the journey.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


It’s Monday! What are you reading?


It’s always fun to see what other people are reading (and to make my wishlist grow to an even bigger list that I’ll probably never accomplish but it’s still fun!) anyway! I made some progress over my books over the weekend as I went with the family to a mini road trip to the Oregon caves and we stayed at a tiny little cabin and relaxed. There was no internet so it was the perfect time to disconnect and just read.

I think I bit more than I could chew (as usual.) I have started too many books and am nearly halfway on some, and started a few more here and there. Sighs. So. Let’s finish what we started then shall we?

What I’m currently reading this week (you can click on pictures to see more detail about them):



What I usually do so I don’t get bored easily is read a different variety of books during the week. So it’s a blend of different genres. The Monster’s Daughter is set in South Africa and goes back and forth in time. I haven’t gone far enough to see how everything is put together but so far it’s caught my attention and there’s a murder mystery involved in it. It’s very different from what I usually read so it’s a good change!






Ahhhh Book two!!! Adele and Gareth!!! squeeeeee!!! cats and vampires!!! I made the most progress with this book over the weekend. Love the fantasy/steampunk setting and the romance (even though I dislike romance) is sweet and not trashy. So much is happening here it was hard to put it down over the weekend. I’ll need to finish this one soon.









I started this one because I saw so much hype over the second book. It’s also one that I’m pretty much halfway on. It’s not bad, but I’m not gushing over it either like I am with The Rift Walker. I’d have to say though, Kate is one tough cookie. I rather like her but..she just tries too hard. I get why though. We’ll see where this one takes me.






These are my reads for the week! what are yours? let me know, maybe we’ll be able to add more to our lists.

Happy Reading this week all! 🙂