Book Blogger Hop 5/25

Book Blogger Hop



Today’s Question:

Do you remember the first book you read by yourself?

Heh not really. You see, I was born EONS AGO! before the great catastrophes of the 20th and 21st century! and…yeah..ok you’re not having it ๐Ÿ™‚

I seriously don’t remember. My parents read a lot to me as a child, and they encouraged me to read all throughout my childhood. All I remember was I read pretty advanced in my elementary school years. I was quite the wee little bookworm.

I suppose it’s time to FINALLY finish my book that I’ve been trying to finish these past week. Reading’s been slow this week due to holidays and stuff. Let’s get back on track shall we?

Have a great long weekend all! (for those in the USA) ๐Ÿ˜‰


Book Blogger Hop 5/11

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s Question:

Could you ever pick a favorite book or is it like choosing your favorite child?


– I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite book. I’ve read so many and it’s hard to choose which ones. But let’s see. I have this one beat up copy of this book that I always revisit and I even put a wrapping paper cover over it because I wanted to make sure the cover is in tact (it was that beat up)


Yup. This book. This is the one that started my ever growing love for Fantasy. I read this when I was 12. I keep going back to it every so often because I love to revisit this world and its’ characters. I have most of the collection of the Dragonlance franchise but this book gives me wonderful memories. It’s still a loyal go-to. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great reading weekend everyone! let’s enjoy that weather!



Book Blogger Hop 4/13

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s question:

Is there a fictitious town in a book that you would love to live in? What makes it appealing?

Besides Hogwarts? I would love to live in the Shadowrun World. What’s Shadowrun? it’s a tabletop RPG that also has novels based on it. Their world is dark, gritty and there’s lots of cyberpunk influences, cities all filled up with lights but it’s dark at the same time (these gifs are from Blade Runner, but it’s similar to the world of Shadowrun):

Complete with flying cars and electronic billboards with massive advertisements. Maybe it’s because I have a great love for Synthwave music, and cyberpunk themes but this is one world I would love to live in.

How about you guys?!! let me know so we can discuss! have a great reading weekend!


Book Blogger Hop 4/6

Book Blogger Hop



Do you overextend yourself with too many reviews because you can’t pass up a book in hopes you will get them all done or do you carefully plan and be sure you can fulfill the deadlines for all the promised reviews?


I’m OCD this way…I carefully plan them. If there’s a deadline, that book gets moved up first. Otherwise I read at my leisure and schedule my reviews on certain days. If I run out of reviews to post. I don’t sweat it anymore. I used to and then I constantly felt pressured to post something. Now, I’m more laid back and post as much as I can. If nothing is posted I don’t sweat it anymore. I want my book blogging to be a pleasure, not a chore. ๐Ÿ™‚

You all have a great Reading Weekend! husband will be at work so I’ll have more time to read (unless the gods of sleep decide to stop me)

Have a great day!

Book Blogger Hop 3/30

Book Blogger Hop


How many book clubs do you belong to? If you do belong to an in-person book club, do you have meetings in the day or evening? Do you meet at someone’s house or meet at a local restaurant or coffee house?

Answer: Neither. I am not a book club person. Don’t get me wrong if I find someone and we both read the same thing and we can start fangirling and gushing about how awesome a book is…or how awesome some handsome dashing character and how we want to be swept away with him in the wind (ahem..Nikolai) but I am not the type to join up in a club and plan a book to read and discuss. Perhaps it’s because it’s just too close to those awful memories I had when I was younger in high school where we were forced to read god awful books and discuss them. Blah.

However, I’m sure they’re fun and great to be in.

How about you guys? you in a book club or not? why?

Have a great Easter weekend and happy reading!!



Book Blogger Hop 3/23

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s Question:

When meeting with friends, do your discussions usually turn to books?

I have about a few bookish friends so yes we do have some discussions about books. They’re mostly short and more in the terms of: “Oh hey how are you doing with _________”

Unless it’s Game of Thrones. Then it’s a different story:

“Keep reading!!”

And it goes on from there. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you guys!

Have a great weekend and happy reading!!!!!


Book Blogger Hop 3/16

Book Blogger Hop



Today’s Question:

Who is your favorite children’s books author and why?ย 

John Bellairs. He was *the* author that introduced me to gothic horror themes in books when I was a kid. The thingย  is I can be aย  “seasonal reader” meaning when autumn/winter comes around I gravitate towards scary stuff. Spring/Summer? bring on the fantasy and YA or ‘lighter reads’ so asย  kid, I always waited around autumn and start reading John Bellairs’ books. They had just the right amount of creepy factor, the illustrations were awesome (Edward Gorey!) and I reread his books every single year. I still read them to this day as they’re so enjoyable and you can never get tired of them.

My very first book that I read from him that got me hooked was this one:



It was one of those books that I could not put them and my mom noticed my total engrossment she read the books herself and realized how much I loved them (haha she liked them too!)

So, if you ever need something light, creepy and fun to read, pick this one up. It’s the first in the series and started my love for John Bellairs and anything creepy.

Have a great reading weekend everyone!!! have some oatmeal raisin cookies while you’re here ๐Ÿ˜‰