Wishful Wednesday 8/12

Today is Wishful Wednesday where we list what books we want to buy or ones that are on our wishlist that we want bad (so bad you could just taste it!) (well, list what books in that HUGE wishlist you really want the most).

Update: I bought Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers. Woot. One more and then I will FINALLY start reading the Twilight series. Also Wideacre hasn’t come in yet. I might do the dreaded phone call to whine where my copy is and why it hasn’t arrived…

So! I add the following to my wishlist:

The Rising – Brian Keene (Zombies!!!!! need zombies!!)
My Lady of Cleves – Margaret Campbell Barnes (Almost got this at the thrift but had to leave, was gone the next day. Bad luck for me.)

The Innocent Mage – Karen Miller (looks good)

So! what’s on your wishlist?


Wishful Wednesday 7/29

Today is Wishful Wednesday and what I want to buy for this week but probably won’t get until much much later 😛 are:

Black Magic Woman – Justin Gustainis (caught my eye, heard some people talking about it on Twitter)

Moonlight (Dark Guardian #1)  – Rachel Hawthorne (saw this somewhere on a blog and added it to my list, sounded really interesting and they don’t have it at the library)

Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires #1) – Rachel Caine (Another one that caught my eye. Not offered at library either. Hmm seems my library has been slacking off a bit when it comes to these kinds of books)

What’s on your wishlist? 🙂

Wishful Wednesday 7/22

Today is Wishful Wednesday hosted by Should be Reading where you list what books you’ve been wanting recently.

So, the ones I’ve recently added to my wishlist are the following:

Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
– This book reminds me of something mixed with Harry Dresden and Joe Pitt. Plus it sounds like an awesome read.

Speaking of Joe Pitt….

No Dominion by Charlie Huston
– I didn’t really like the first book but since I’m so bloody stubborn I will carry on and finish the series or read upto the latest one. Sad thing is, my local library has all of them except THIS ONE and it’s the second book. I don’t get it either….

Monster Nation – David Wellington
– You can never go wrong with another zombie book.

Wishful Wednesday

Today is Wishful Wednesday hosted by Should be Reading!

Wishlists grow don’t they? and then they explode. Mine seems to explode every other day. However! the good news? if you have read my previous Wishful Wednesday, I have managed to take one down from my massive list! I have managed to order a copy of Wideacre by Philippa Gregory through my local indie bookstore *cackles in excitement* So take that off from my wishlist hooray!

So now I’m going to pick out three that I added to my wishlist recently!

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters – Jane Austen & Ben Winters
– OMG! I want this book!!! since I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one! it’s got sea monsters!!! you can’t go wrong with giant squids! I REALLY want this book!!!! *giggles with glee* it’s due in September!

Breathers – S G Browne
– Zombies for zombie rights! this book caught my eye and I feel like quirky funny book with a different look at the zombie subject. They’re not the bloodthirsty running amok kind in this one. Which was why it grabbed my attention.

Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer
– No I haven’t read the first two yet. I’m waiting for this bloody book to go on paperback. It’s bad enough I have a mismatching set that I have to have some paperbacks and hardcovers to go along with it too? no no no no! I can deal with the different cover schemes but not the paperback/hardcover mismatch. No can do. Makes the shelf look horrendous. So I’ll wait until I get this one and Breaking Dawn on paperback THEN I will read Twilight. Deal? deal.

What’s on your wishlist this week? 🙂

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday is a new event hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. The idea of this one is to simply just list the books you want to buy or get.

Since I don’t have the time to list them all as they’re A LOT. I will give you the top three:

The Baker’s Boy – J V Jones
– I’ve been wanting this book for a long time. I have the rest of her novels but can’t start without this one! it’s not at the library and I haven’t been lucky enough to get it at the thrift stores. I’m keeping my eyes peeled but it seems very unlikely and I’ll probably have to order it.

The Plantagenet Prelude – Jean Plaidy
– When I was a girl, my mom would read books by Jean Plaidy and she probably had read them all! I vividly remember those books because she would carry them and I would carry my own stack as we walked out of the library all happy because we got our book fix 🙂 so I figured why not read them from the start and see what she liked about them so much (because she would reread them all the time).

Wideacre – Philippa Gregory
– This book is bloody hard to find. I want to read this as since I’ve read most of the Tudors series and like them I’ll go and find this one as well. I’ve read the synopsis and although it reminds me a lot of V C Andrews stuff I’ll take the risk and buy it. If I don’t like it, I can always donate at the local thrift 🙂

So those are the ones I’m really looking for now. What’s on your wishlist? 😉