Sunday Salon: Progress = slow.

Okay it seems I hardly got any reading done this week. Shame on me. I’m not sure what it is, I do go through phases were reading slows down a bit and I think that’s just my brain telling me to take a break from it all and just vegetate for a moment (ie; playing […]

Sunday Salon: It’s Been a While Hasn’t it?

It certainly has!!!!! I haven’t posted a real proper post for The Sunday Salon in a while! so what have I been up to lately? Reading, naturally, lately I’ve picked up Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. So far, it’s certainly a different novel and it’s NOTHING of what I expected it to be. However I’m still […]

Sunday Salon: Review of Mistress of Rome

I was very lucky to win this book through Librarything early reviewers! I barely read any Ancient Rome historical fiction, and thought it was about time I get started on some. It’s a nice break from my usual English monarchy hist fic that I have an abundance of. However, I do adore the cover of […]