Review of Meridian

MeridianMeridian Sozu is different. Very different. She’s a Fenestra, a half human, half angel whose job is to guide people over to the ‘other side’ once they pass on. Since she was a young girl, she’s had animals come to her and die. Meridian has always been surrounded by death. When a large car crash happens outside her home, she is sent to live with her Aunt and a mysterious boy named Tens. Meridian finds out who she is and learns she has to battle the Aternocti a group where they capture souls to cause chaos.

It took me a while to get into this book, however I liked the concept of the plot – which kept me going. I found as I kept reading, the more suspenseful and intriguing it got. I really did enjoy the storyline of a little town gone awry with the help of an over the top zealous religious leader who managed to get a strong grip on the town. It made the perfect background for the development of the story.

My favorite character was Meridian’s Aunt (also named Meridian) she was filled with strength (despite her age) and she was a typical Grandma. She was lovable and everything about her was likable and endearing. Meridian, I noticed started developing personality characteristics like her Aunt, which I enjoyed reading. I didn’t know what to think of her at first. It was more of a take it or leave it attitude towards her, but then she started to grow on me later.

What I also liked about this book is it has a lot to do with spirituality and most of the subject matter is what happens when you die. It goes into detail about it but I’m glad it does’nt add any religious aspect. It stays neutral and its’ explanation of life after death is interesting.

I’d have to say I did enjoy reading the book once the plot caught my attention. It was certainly different from other paranormal books I have read (at the moment) and there’s a lot more I’d like to know. There is a lot of room for a sequel (or a series) so I’m definitely going to be picking this one up for sure.

Overall do pick this one up! it’s certainly a different type of paranormal YA fiction and perfect if you want to take a break from the vampire and werewolf books that are in abundance out there.

I give it a 9.5 out of 10.


Book Blogger Hop 7/23

Book Blogger Hop


– Well I’m reading quite a few books at the same time. Hmm..ok let’s go for this one. In my bag at the moment is The Plague by Joanne Dahme. I just started a few chapters in. It’s a hist fic, with a girl named Nell who has a remarkable similarity to Princess Joan so she becomes the Princess’ double. They just arrived in France at the moment, and I think the plague has just settled in. That’s about as far as I went. It’s pretty good so far, but from what I’m assuming from reading the jacket flap, Nell plays the role of Princess for quite some time and that might bring a bit of trouble for her. 🙂

Anyway! if you stopped by the Book Blogger hop let me know! and would love to hear your answers to this one!

Musing Monday 5/10

Do you have to carve out time in your day for reading (due to work and other obligations), or does your reading just happen naturally?


YES! I always have to CARVE OUT READING TIME! (ahem. excuse the frustration) Not only do I have a very needy hombre and a very needy cat at home, I find someone (aka the hombre) always doing the social planning for me without telling me (hence I’m out often) and suddenly my book piles start piling up until I can’t even look at it without starting to cry. I solved this by turning the computer off or at least gaming for an hour and then reading…if the hombre and the kitty get TOO needy I start behaving rather moody and pissy. Then they stand back and let me read.

If I don’t have my reading time at least once a week I get really moody. I think they learnt the hard way 🙂

What’s your answer?

Bliss Award!

I was recently awarded The Bliss Award by Alayne at The Crowded Leaf! (thanks!)

The object of this award is to name ten things that make you happy:

1. Reading.

2. Reading and being with the hombre because he always tries to get my attention by making me laugh.

3. Going to the library.

4. Visiting my dad and brother.

5. Blogging about books.

6. Watching the Canucks win.

7. Getting books as presents, especially if they went through the trouble of  looking through my wishlist (thanks hombre!)

8. My cat who is my big furry baby.

9. The Three C’s : Chocolate, Chips and Coke (the soda people…come on..). This is my PMS food. It helps and stops me from being a red eyed hag.

10. Finding awesome bargain books and exclaiming: HEY THIS WAS ON MY WISHLIST.

I know I’m supposed to tag 10 bloggers, help yourselves. 🙂 Every guest that comes to my blog is welcome to take this. I appreciate my readers and thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. Thank you. *Warm hugs and happy purrs from my furbaby*

Sunday Salon: Review of The Swallows of Kabul

Swallows of KabulSometimes it’s a nice refresher to just stop reading what I usually read (for example; sci fi, fantasy, YA, historicals…) and just go for something different to broaden my horizons. The Swallows of Kabul is one such book. Totally not the sort of thing I read, but the information on the jacket flap caught my interest and I decided to give it a try. This is the first time I’ve actually read something that took place in the Middle East. (I think I’ve just about nearly travelled around the world in books!)

The Swallows of Kabul is the story of two couples. One couple features Mohsen and his wife Zunaira. The other couple are Atiq and his wife Musarrat. They are two couples living in Taliban run Afghanistan. Atiq has things somewhat easier for him. He’s a jailer and is (somewhat) a Taliban supporter. Musarrat is sick and dying in her home, whereas Zunaira feels locked and trapped in hers. These four will have their lives and fates intertwine by the sole action of the public execution of a prostitute.

This book did start off a little slow for me. I was patient with it though. It’s not supposed to be something that’s action packed and fast paced. It was slow, but the writing style is lyrical and poetic. The author really brings in the feeling of emptiness and despair of Kabul during this time period. I think the writing is extremely well done, it describes Kabul and its’ people and you can feel what they feel. You can picture the hot climate and the dry desert almost accurately. This book is basically written for the reader to feel the emotions of the main characters but also to experience how it is to live there during that time.

The characters are all right. It’s Atiq that really develops throughout this book. I liked Musarrat the most. She had this inner strength within her despite her health deteriorating and I admired her devotion and loyalty especially towards the end. I also pitied her the most as she had tried so hard to love Atiq and understand him. When she finally does though, it just seems too late. Which reinforces the feelings of sadness and despair which seems to be the main theme in this book.

Aside from the slow pace which sort of put me off, I couldn’t help but continue reading. I wanted to know what happened to these four people. My heart went out to them because of what they had to live through and the eventual outcomes of their lives towards the end of the book. Don’t expect any happy moments in this book (I can only think of one, and it didn’t end so nicely). You find yourself immersed in this story because of the way it’s beautifully written, and the emotions it can trigger while you’re reading it.

Overall, although it’s a short book, it might feel as if you’ve been drained of all emotion. Don’t let that put you off of this book. It’s written with a wonderful lyrical and poetical skill and with great detail to emotion and description that you’ll feel as if you’re actually there with the characters and going through their personal tragedies.

I give it a 9 out of 10.

Did Not Finish: Rumors

Rumors Ok I tried. I even went past my 100 page limit. Then I noticed, I kept getting tired of the endless running in circles routine. It was starting to drag. Will and Elizabeth were pissing me off because they were so sickeningly sweet together they started to give me cavities. The intrigue and plotting were there but it just wasn’t enough anymore to capture my attention. I simply couldn’t read any further.

To add more injury, I simply looked up this book and the remaining book summaries (Envy and Splendor) and was left satisfied with that. I didn’t need to read an extra 400 pages about what gowns they were wearing, what rumor was next, what Penelope was thinking (the answer was usually Henry) what Diana was thinking (answer is..guess what? Henry again!) and if goody girl Elizabeth was going to come to the rescue. *sighs* I didn’t have the patience anymore and found my thoughts wandering off. I simply couldn’t go any further. Oh well. At least I now know what happens after. I’m thinking I should stop reading books about high society. It seems I can’t really stick with them (like the Blue Blood series – that didn’t last long with me) they just don’t interest me like I thought they would.

What are your thoughts if you have read The Luxe series?

Did Not Finish: Three books

The following, I did not finish for various reasons stated below;

The Concubine's DaughterThe Concubine’s Daughter by Pai Kit Fai had its’ potential, but then I started losing interest in it. It sounded so interesting in the beginning but then it started to get predictable and just couldn’t grasp my attention into it. It was too bad because I really liked the beginning of the book. Apparently it is said this book can be compared to Memoirs of a Geisha. To be honest I sincerely hated and detested that book. Perhaps because of those similarities the book wasn’t grabbing my attention at all as well. Who knows. Oh well. I tried my 100 page rule. Meh. I just wasn’t into this one.

Girl With the Dragon TattooOkay why is everybody so hyped up over this book? all those ranting and raving how this book was so great and awesome, it got me curious and I read the first few pages. Meeeeehhhhhhhhhh. The first bits where it had to do with finances and such, I just couldn’t stomach it. I hate reading anything to do with finance and stock markets and such. I know it was just the first few pages, but it was enough to set me off of this book and to return it to the library asap. I’m glad I actually took it out from the library instead of buying it. It would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Blood TiesI tried reading this book and past the 100 page mark (my limit) I asked myself: “Where the hell is this story going? is there even a plot? it seems as if it’s just short stories all wrapped up in a fantasy setting”. There was a few bits and pieces that caught my interest, but it was slow enough that my interest started to wane, and I decided to drop this book. It had three main characters and just following them on their adventures or daily life routines. Then it had little mini stories of people associated with these main characters. But there wasn’t much to it. Just stories that’s it. Just their experiences. No big plot to follow, and the three haven’t even met together yet. I don’t have the patience for this. Not when I have a lot more books to finish. I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels but this one didn’t have enough action to keep me interested. Alas too bad, it had its’ moments, but it just seemed to be stuck in a rut.

So there you have it. Three books I dropped in the past few months for lack of interest. Anybody else dropped any recently?