Read em Yet Wednesday 8/5

Today is Read em Yet Wednesday – I missed the last time 😦 but however I’m back on track and ready to participate. Today’s author is Scott O’Dell. I personally have never read any of his books but the moment I’ve read that he wrote historical fiction I immediately went to my library website to […]

Read Em Yet? Wednesday

Read Em Yet? Wednesday is hosted by Veronika. The featured author this week is Gail Carson Levine! I knew she sounded familiar so I checked my lists of books owned, nada. Checked wishlist voila! I actually wanted to check out this book: It’s called Fairest and looks like a rendition of Snow White (I’ve read […]

Read Em Yet Wednesday

Today is Read Em Yet Wednesday hosted by Veronika! Today she’s featuring: Lord Alfred Tennyson I must say I’m a bit embarrassed. I did study Lord Alfred Tennyson and loved The Lady of Shalott. Yet I couldn’t recognize his picture!!!!! I must admit though, I only have read that poem at school and that was […]

Read Em Yet Wednesday

Today is Read Em Yet Wednesday! hosted by Veronika. First of all I have to say thanks for the info on Rosemary Sutcliff! I didn’t know anything about her until now. It was hard to choose which book I would be interested in reading first. Being such a historical fiction fan, I went with The […]