Read em Yet Wednesday 8/5

Today is Read em Yet Wednesday – I missed the last time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but however I’m back on track and ready to participate. Today’s author is Scott O’Dell.

I personally have never read any of his books but the moment I’ve read that he wrote historical fiction I immediately went to my library website to see what books we have available from him. I found one that caught my eye!

It’s called The King’s Fifth (read description below)

In this deeply affecting novel Scott O’Dell envelops the reader in the heroic world of the conquistadorsโ€”a world that is at once somber and many-colored. Though they may have been ruthless, these steel-helmeted young men of Spain lived their lives on the very edge of eternity with style and uncommon courage. (from

Anything to do with Conquistadors has to be interesting so I’m definitely picking this book up. Thanks to Veronika for letting me know (again!) on another good author.

Note: I also took out The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. I couldn’t get past it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it did not grab my attention so therefore I returned it back to the library. Oh well. There’s other books by her so I’m going to give her another try next time.


Read Em Yet? Wednesday

Read Em Yet? Wednesday is hosted by Veronika. The featured author this week is Gail Carson Levine! I knew she sounded familiar so I checked my lists of books owned, nada. Checked wishlist voila! I actually wanted to check out this book:



It’s called Fairest and looks like a rendition of Snow White (I’ve read the summary) however I could be wrong. I’ll probably take this book out when available or if I can’t wait too long, probably put it on hold in the next week or two. (Actually probably soon, as now I’m all curious about it I took out Eagle of the Ninth remember?) I know she’s written more books but this one stood out. I think probably because of the cover. I think it’s rather pretty. If it’s any good the I’ll probably give more of her other books a try. I guess we’ll see!

Thanks Veronika for remind me about Gail Carson Levine ๐Ÿ™‚

Read Em Yet Wednesday

Today is Read Em Yet Wednesday hosted by Veronika! Today she’s featuring: Lord Alfred Tennyson

I must say I’m a bit embarrassed. I did study Lord Alfred Tennyson and loved The Lady of Shalott. Yet I couldn’t recognize his picture!!!!! I must admit though, I only have read that poem at school and that was it. I never really touched a single book of poetry ever since high school.

I don’t think I could really ever go through a book of poetry unless I’m studying it. I’m just so used to reading stories and novels that poetry is just, not my thing anymore.

However if you were to ask me who my favorite poet is? it’ll have to be John Keats. He wrote some very lovely poetry. ๐Ÿ™‚

Read Em Yet Wednesday

Today is Read Em Yet Wednesday! hosted by Veronika. First of all I have to say thanks for the info on Rosemary Sutcliff! I didn’t know anything about her until now. It was hard to choose which book I would be interested in reading first. Being such a historical fiction fan, I went with The Eagle of the Ninth.

Eagle of the Ninth

Eagle of the Ninth

It was a hard choice to narrow down but I figure, it’s been a while since I’ve read a novel about ancient Rome. The last few months it was nothing but the Tudor era and the middle ages. I think I’m ready for something “more ancient” I suppose! Considering this is a Young Adult Fiction novel, I may replace it with another book that’s listed in my 2009 YA reading challenge. It seems like a good idea. That way I actually read the book and at the same time gives me a book to count towards the challenge. When I’ll read it, sometime before Dec 2009! as that’s the deadline for the challenge. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway thanks for letting us readers know about Rosemary Sutcliff! (and adding more to our “to be read” piles) ๐Ÿ˜€