Musing Monday 7/12

This week’s musing asks…

Can you read amidst distractions? (tv, others talking, sporting events, etc)

– It depends on the distraction. I reading during Canucks hockey (not very successful) tried reading during World Cup (nope). While others talking and other shows I am not that interested in, then yes I can read. My (in)significant other singing at the top of his lungs and dancing about *sighs* I try to read..can’t. He’s a horrible distraction. 😀


Musing Monday 7/5

This week’s musing is going to be a bit simpler…

What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it to others? Is it part of a series (if so, which one)? What are you thinking about it? What book(s) would you compare it to, if any?

– I read quite a few books at the same time! so I’ll choose one from the bunch. The one that’s got my attention the most, in fact is Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn. (I’m a little behind in my reading of ARC’s so I felt the need to tackle one or two of them) I’m into about the first 100 pages of it and it’s definitely got my interest. It’s been a while since I’ve read some historical fiction (I took a bit of a break from it).

Would I recommend it to others? why not. I’m sure it’ll appeal to those that are into ancient Rome novels. 🙂

Musing Monday 6/28

This week’s musing asks…

What do you think of books that receive a lot of hype? (think of the “Twilight” saga, or “Harry Potter”, or“The Da Vinci Code”). Do you read them? Why, or why not?

It depends. I sometimes jump in the hype and read them and sometimes I don’t. I am probably still one of the few people that hasn’t read the Twilight Saga yet. I have all the books now but just haven’t gotten around to reading them. I read the Harry Potter series during the hype and no regrets there. I joined in The DaVinci Code trend late but that was a good read too. I guess, if it gets a lot of hype I’d be curious and give it a try. I did try getting into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I couldn’t get into it. I read the first few pages and nearly snoozed my eyes off. I am still trying to figure out what’s so great about it. Anybody know?

Musing Monday 5/10

Do you have to carve out time in your day for reading (due to work and other obligations), or does your reading just happen naturally?


YES! I always have to CARVE OUT READING TIME! (ahem. excuse the frustration) Not only do I have a very needy hombre and a very needy cat at home, I find someone (aka the hombre) always doing the social planning for me without telling me (hence I’m out often) and suddenly my book piles start piling up until I can’t even look at it without starting to cry. I solved this by turning the computer off or at least gaming for an hour and then reading…if the hombre and the kitty get TOO needy I start behaving rather moody and pissy. Then they stand back and let me read.

If I don’t have my reading time at least once a week I get really moody. I think they learnt the hard way 🙂

What’s your answer?

Musing Monday 5/3

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the war books

Do you frequent second hand book stores? Have you ever bought a book home only to find anything interesting within their pages?

– Aw jeez! I go to thrift stores all the time!! it’s where I get about 40% of my books! I go there at least once a week to check out what’s there. Then sometimes, the hombre and I go to various ones and I often come home with bags of books (which he looks upon with a weary eye) 😀

As to if I found anything within the pages..nah…maybe an ugly bookmark. Nothing special.

What about you?

Musing Mondays 4/26

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the war books

With yesterday being Anzac Day, I thought I’d ask a theme question this week. Are you a reader of war books? And if so, do you have any favourites?

– Yes! I read war books since I’m a big history buff. I don’t think I have any favorites although I noticed most of the war books I’ve read gear towards World War Two. I think I’ve read about one or two featuring the Vietnam War – although not as many.

What about you guys? 🙂

Musing Monday 3/22

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about tbr books.

Where do you keep the books on the top of the tbr pile? Not the bunk of the mountain, but just the tip of the peak – the ‘almost up to’ books?

– Oh! good question! see, I used to have them on a pile on a chair in our dining room but the hombre didn’t like that (he’s the “wife” of this relationship) so he bought me this nice large wicker box with a lid so I can put all the TBR books I have. 🙂 however, space is limited, and now some of the TBR but “definitely” reading books are on top of it. I’m waiting until he says something about that….will let you guys know if he does. 😀

What are your answers?