Most Wanted Monday

Most Wanted Monday


What is Most Wanted Monday?

Most Wanted Monday is a weekly meme hosted by every Monday. The purpose of Most Wanted Monday is to post on your blog regarding an *ARC (or even a book that’s already out) that you cannot wait to get your hands on. Hopefully, this will generate lots of hype for books that we are excited to read, and maybe it will up our chances of getting our hands on that coveted ARC!

– I thought this was a most interesting meme and thought I might help out in getting it out there to grab some exposure!

The ARC that I have been coveting for would be:

Elizabeth Vampire Slayer The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer by Lucy Weston.

Oh I can just FEEL the eyes rolling and the groaning. Quit it. *pokes with stick* I like these types of novels. Trying to picture Elizabeth slaying vampires is difficult so I’m curious as to how this novel is written. Can’t wait until it comes out. Am definitely going to give this one a look see!


So! what are you guys waiting/wanting for?