Sunday Salon: Reading Rut, a Did not Finish, and a rant.

Argh…I just can’t seem to get into a book lately. I really can’t. I started reading Rival to the Queen by Carolly Erickson. I knew it was a risk. I hate anything to do with Robert Dudley because I just can’t stand him. Yet I decided to go with it anyway because I felt like reading something historical. Argh.

120 pages in, I couldn’t do it. First,’s Robert Dudley. There’s nothing great about him. He’s not God’s gift to women. Lettie (main character) put him on a bloody pedestal and practically worshiped this SOB. FFS. This is the LAST thing I needed to read.

There’s nothing  I hate more than having a main female character gush over the object of her desire and affection. It’s almost to the point where it’s gets repetitive, sickening, and really really silly. This is one of the main reasons why I hated Memoirs of a Geisha. Yes. I HATED the book. The Geisha wouldn’t shut up about her stupid Chairman and I felt like smacking her silly, and throwing her into the ocean for being a lovesick cow. Argh. I hate characters like that. I made a vow to myself if I came across another stupid character that behaved like that I wouldn’t read it from cover to cover. Once was enough for me.

To add more to the misery, Rival to the Queen has a bear baiting scene. I know that sort of sport was popular during that time but I really didn’t need to read about it. It had nothing to do with the plot and it was just a meeting place..of ALL PLACES in England you chose a bear baiting spot??? WTF?

So, sorry to say, I had to close this book and not finish it. It’s one of the rare moments but I can’t stomach this kind of thing. Definitely not what I was looking for in this book.

So those of you that have read of Rival to the Queen did you like it? or not?



Did Not Finish: Rumors

Rumors Ok I tried. I even went past my 100 page limit. Then I noticed, I kept getting tired of the endless running in circles routine. It was starting to drag. Will and Elizabeth were pissing me off because they were so sickeningly sweet together they started to give me cavities. The intrigue and plotting were there but it just wasn’t enough anymore to capture my attention. I simply couldn’t read any further.

To add more injury, I simply looked up this book and the remaining book summaries (Envy and Splendor) and was left satisfied with that. I didn’t need to read an extra 400 pages about what gowns they were wearing, what rumor was next, what Penelope was thinking (the answer was usually Henry) what Diana was thinking (answer is..guess what? Henry again!) and if goody girl Elizabeth was going to come to the rescue. *sighs* I didn’t have the patience anymore and found my thoughts wandering off. I simply couldn’t go any further. Oh well. At least I now know what happens after. I’m thinking I should stop reading books about high society. It seems I can’t really stick with them (like the Blue Blood series – that didn’t last long with me) they just don’t interest me like I thought they would.

What are your thoughts if you have read The Luxe series?

Did Not Finish: Three books

The following, I did not finish for various reasons stated below;

The Concubine's DaughterThe Concubine’s Daughter by Pai Kit Fai had its’ potential, but then I started losing interest in it. It sounded so interesting in the beginning but then it started to get predictable and just couldn’t grasp my attention into it. It was too bad because I really liked the beginning of the book. Apparently it is said this book can be compared to Memoirs of a Geisha. To be honest I sincerely hated and detested that book. Perhaps because of those similarities the book wasn’t grabbing my attention at all as well. Who knows. Oh well. I tried my 100 page rule. Meh. I just wasn’t into this one.

Girl With the Dragon TattooOkay why is everybody so hyped up over this book? all those ranting and raving how this book was so great and awesome, it got me curious and I read the first few pages. Meeeeehhhhhhhhhh. The first bits where it had to do with finances and such, I just couldn’t stomach it. I hate reading anything to do with finance and stock markets and such. I know it was just the first few pages, but it was enough to set me off of this book and to return it to the library asap. I’m glad I actually took it out from the library instead of buying it. It would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Blood TiesI tried reading this book and past the 100 page mark (my limit) I asked myself: “Where the hell is this story going? is there even a plot? it seems as if it’s just short stories all wrapped up in a fantasy setting”. There was a few bits and pieces that caught my interest, but it was slow enough that my interest started to wane, and I decided to drop this book. It had three main characters and just following them on their adventures or daily life routines. Then it had little mini stories of people associated with these main characters. But there wasn’t much to it. Just stories that’s it. Just their experiences. No big plot to follow, and the three haven’t even met together yet. I don’t have the patience for this. Not when I have a lot more books to finish. I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels but this one didn’t have enough action to keep me interested. Alas too bad, it had its’ moments, but it just seemed to be stuck in a rut.

So there you have it. Three books I dropped in the past few months for lack of interest. Anybody else dropped any recently?

Did Not Finish: Forest of Hands and Teeth

Forest of Hands and TeethFor the second time since I started book blogging,  I’m dropping another book. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. It had great potential. It had zombies damnit! but…well, after 100 pages in (my limit, if at 100 pages I’m not into it, it’s gone) all I have to say is:


There. I’m done. Rant over. Kudos to you guys who managed to read and finish this novel and for tolerating Mary.