Books Bought 8/30

Today’s Book’s Bought by Cindy’s Love of Books. It’s been a while since I participated in one. So I’ll join in. Why? I have a huge announcement to make.

*drum roll*

I BOUGHT WIDEACRE by Philippa Gregory!!! it finally came in! what’s been on my wishlist for the longest time is now in my little hands. Hooray! other books that I have bought:

Lost Girls – George D Shuman

Guenevere Queen of the Summer Country – Rosalind Miles

Cat and Mouse – James Patterson

what did you guys buy recently?

Note: I did buy a whole crapload these past two weeks but I’m not about to spend the rest of my day listing them here 😛


Books Bought Meme 8/8

Today is Books Bought! so I bought for this week:

Untamed – P C and Kristin Cast (almost done completing this series!)
Faerie Wars – Herbie Brennan (was on my wishlist)
The Temple and the Stone – Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris (Finished collecting this series I think)

What did you buy?

Note: I plan on buying some more books tonight as I’m going out to the store. So I may edit this post later 🙂

Books Bought 8/1

I managed to get a few books this week. I’m still waiting for my order of Wideacre!!!!

This is what I bought:

Dying Bites – D D Barant (I’ve never heard of this, and it’s urban fantasy and I’m looking for some that doesn’t have bodice ripping content)
Trangression – James W Nichol (More WWII stuff)
Kiss the Girls – James Patterson (Have to build up on this collection to read them all)
Wicked – Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie (This book contains two novels called Witch and Curse it caught my eye as I’ve never heard of this series)

That’s it!

oh and another note: I WON A BOOK ON GOODREADS!!!!! HOOORAYY!

Books Bought Meme 7/18

Today is Books Bought by Cindy’s Love of Books. Shopping was ok this week. Here’s what I got:

An Act of Treachery – Ann Widdecombe (I seriously need some WWII fixes)
Twisted Branch – Chris Blaine (I need something horrorish)
The Hollow Kingdom – Clare B Dunkle (felt like something fantasy/YA)
The Borgia Bride – Jeanne Kalogridis (From Tudor England I’ll be going to the intrigues of Italy how fun!)

what did you guys get? 🙂

Books Bought Meme

It’s Book Bought day today! hosted by Cindy and I got quite a few listed here:

Vampire Kisses The Beginning – Ellen Schreiber (cover was pretty, plot seemed interesting)
Along Came A Spider – James Patterson (Might as well start this series too)
The Queen’s Sorrow – Suzannah Dunn (My Historical Fiction fix)
The Last Wife of Henry VIII – Carolly Erickson (Never got a chance to read about Catherine Parr) (Need my Tudor Fix)

I will probably get more as I saw some good finds at the thrift store. Hee! 😀

What did you guys get? 🙂