Booking Through Thursday 5/6

So … you’re halfway through a book and you’re hating it. It’s boring. It’s trite. It’s badly written. But … you’ve invested all this time to reading the first half.

What do you do? Read the second half? Just to finish out the story? Find out what happens?

Or, cut your losses and dump the second half?


Oh gosh. Well it depends. Sometimes I get stubborn enough and end up finishing it. Then I read other people’s reviews. Maybe there’s something about it that I couldn’t perhaps grasp or understand? but then there are other times when the events in the book and the writing makes me roll my eyes too much and I have to stop before my eyes start rolling into my brain. Then I know the story is complete garbage and then I start wondering how other people could like it. Then it goes straight to the library chute under “donations” 🙂


Booking Through Thursday 2/4

The northern hemisphere, at least, is socked in by winter right now… So, on a cold, wintry day, when you want nothing more than to curl up with a good book on the couch … what kind of reading do you want to do?

– Ohhhhh it’s a tie between mystery thrillers and historicals. Fantasy comes to a close third too. Or, better yet those big huge EPIC fantasy novels during winter makes awesome reading! I want some cocoa and cookies now please. Thx.

Booking Through Thursday 1/14

Suggested by Prairie Progressive:

Do you read the inside flaps that describe a book before or while reading it?


– Yes! most definitely. Especially when I pick up books that I’m not sure about, I have to read what’s inside the flaps in case I take something out that I don’t like. Which is why sometimes I can’t stand some paperbacks that don’t show a synopsis (but show “raving reviews” instead) those annoy me because then I can’t figure out what the book is about.

What’s your answer? 🙂

Booking Through Thursday 1/7

Barbara wants to know:

What books did you get for Christmas (or whichever holiday you may have celebrated last month)?

Do you usually ask for books on gift-giving occasions or do you prefer to buy them yourself?

– Didn’t get any for xmas. Meh. It’s okay most of the time they don’t know which book I have and which ones I don’t 😛 I always ask for books when they ask what I want for a gift – for any occasion or better yet, they pay for an amazon order. Then I’m all smiles. If they give me a gift certificate I prefer from the indie bookstore or Amazon. I buy myself books as a treat every so often. It depends where I go. (If it’s value village, then it’s a shopping spree of books if there’s a good selection) 😀

Did anyone get books for xmas? (you lucky devils)

Booking Through Thursday 12/31

It’s the last day of the year, and you know what that means … nostalgia and looking back.

What were your favorite books of the year? (Books that were new to you in 2009, if not necessarily published this year.)

– Oh good question and a wonderful way to end the year! I’d have to say, some of the books I’ve read that I enjoyed this year are:

The Strain – Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro

The Constant Princess – Philippa Gregory

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

those would be my top three books for 2009. What are yours? 🙂

Happy New Year to all my fellow book bloggers and my beloved blog readers!

Booking Through Thursday 11/12

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Suggested by JM:

“Life is too short to read bad books.” I’d always heard that, but I still read books through until the end no matter how bad they were because I had this sense of obligation.

That is, until this week when I tried (really tried) to read a book that is utterly boring and unrealistic. I had to stop reading.

Do you read everything all the way through or do you feel life really is too short to read bad books?

– Yes! life is way too short to waste time on books you’re forcing yourself to read! I try to give myself a limit. If the book doesn’t grab my interest in at least the first 5 chapters then I’m dropping it. Unless it’s a series that I really like, then I’ll have to force myself to read it. (The only one exception was the Blue Bloods series, which I dropped as if it was a slimy slug on my hand. That series I have no regrets dropping).

I have so many books to read, I can’t afford to waste time on books I don’t like to read 🙂