Book Blogger Hop 6/15

Book Blogger Hop



Today’s Question:

You have just won a $100.00 Visa gift card. Will you spend the entire amount on a rare collector’s edition you have always wanted, or buy several newly-published books? Explain your choice.

I would get several newly published and some old ones that have been published a few years back that have been on my list for a while. I prefer buying a whole bunch of books rather than spending it all on just one. Speaking of, I just bought about six books online as there was a sale. I love getting them via mail. It’s Christmas all over again!

Have a great reading weekend!!!


5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 6/15

  1. Great answer! I totally agree. I would prefer to use the money to get a range of different books than repurchasing a series/book that I already have. Though, if I loved a series that much, I’m sure a collector’s edition would be worth it! But at the moment I’d prefer to get a range of books that I currently want to read (or I’d put the money aside for future releases).

    Feel free to check out my own answer if you wish!

    – Charlotte (InkBlottings)

  2. Ohh that’s a hard one ..
    but yeah, same ! I prefer buying a bunch I was eyeing than splurge on only a ONE set or something .. and maybe i’d hop more for hardcover hah !

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