Book Blogger Hop 9/22

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s Question:

In regards of Banned Books Week (, what are your favourite books that has been banned or challenged?


Harry Potter would be the most famous one of them all, and The Hunger Games series. I try to make it a point to read books that have been challenged or banned just to see what the hoopla is all about.  🙂

Happy reading weekend all!


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 9/22

  1. I would ban THE HUNGER GAMES. They really are upsetting for me. I only read part of the first one and just learned about what went on from other folks.

    I have read quite a few books that are banned, and I definitely have read banned books as required reading in high school. 🙂

    Thanks for your answer.

    Happy Hopping!!

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  2. It’s hard not to be curious about a book someone says we shouldn’t read, isn’t it? I really enjoy the Harry Potter series as well. The Hunger Games is too! Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great weekend.

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