Book Blogger Hop 7/28

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s Question:

Do you read tie-in novels to movies or television series? If so, which ones?


I read those few and far between. Perhaps they’re just not my thing. The last one I read was a Star Wars based book. However since the question was brought up, perhaps I’ll pick up the Assassin’s Creed one. Considering that’s one of my favorite franchises in gaming.

How about you fellow book bloggers?

Happy Friday and happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 7/28

  1. I generally try to read the book before the movie, but it doesn’t always happen.

    For tie-ins, I have really only read Star Trek: Voyager ones. (And only the first two set directly after the series finale. I plan on reading the others, but I think they were put on a “wait for a sale” list and then I forgot – until now.)

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