Book Blogger Hop 7/14

Book Blogger Hop

Today’s Question is:

What is your go-to drink and/or snack while reading?


I don’t really like to eat while reading. I love my books in pristine condition. Library books get the same treatment as well. But when I absolutely have to eat it’ll have to be a dry non greasy food, like crackers or bread. Drink of choice? usually water or tea. Sometimes juice or a coke (Rockstar drinks are saved for gaming) ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your answer?

Happy Friday everyone! hope lots of reading is done over the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 7/14

  1. Eating while reading a library is a big no-no in my book, I’d be scared I’d damage it. Water and tea are my drinks of choice too, I have to keep hydrated when I’m on a caffeine rush.

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