Okbolover is Moving!

Ladies and Gentlemen, cats and kitties, vampires and witches. Yes I am moving.

Gasp you’re gonna move your blog? 

Now now let’s not be hasty. No. My blog will always be here and it’s here to stay before you all start the farewell party.

I’m moving. Literally. Physically.

Oh no! you’ve been in Canada all your life! 

I know. It’s time for a change though. No I don’t have wanderlust. I am not a nomad. There’s a good reason why I’m moving. I’m getting married! Huzzah!!! wooo!!!

Congratulations! Where you gonna go?

My future lair will be in Portland, Oregon. It’s a great place to go to, and I’m looking forward to it. There’s plenty of book sanctuaries there and plenty of book blogging events to go to. More so than here. Plus the oodles of reviews I can now do over there and plenty of more opportunities. I’m definitely am looking forward to it.

Are you taking your books?

Right. About that. I have more than 3000 books to haul with me. It’s going to be a gradual process. I already have some boxes there waiting for me to unpack. The rest will be bit by bit as I’ll always come by to visit.

So what’s gonna happen and when are you going to blog again?

Give me about a week (I hope) to get myself settled. Then we can get back as scheduled again. In the meantime. My email is still open. So is my twitter. Until then! take care I’ll be back shortly!


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