I am Returning!

It has been a long time my pretties.

A very long time

I’m not going to go into the details or what not. Let’s just say life kicked me in the stomach, things went upside down and just when I thought there was no way it was going to go right side up, it finally did.

I am now ready to go back to reading.

Sometimes it takes one book to get the ball rolling and to tell myself “You can go back to book blogging again until life kicks you in the ovaries…again”

This time I’ll be ready!

So my fellow book bloggers, and followers, and beloved authors and publishers. What the heck have I missed? And I know I missed plenty.

Now this is going to be a very gradual return until I can fully get back on my feet. Until then I’m going to ease into reading and review posts should be coming soon.

In the meantime what has everyone else been reading!?? It’s so nice to be back (kinda)

Alas, my books are calling me. Time to go back!