Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer by C T Markee

Irish the Demon SlayerIn this action-adventure-fantasy, 12-year-old Pete (Irish) Kehoe thinks he’s an ordinary kid-until trees start talking to him and an old woman tells him he’s chosen to defend the mystical Otherworld against the King of Demons.”No way!” he says, until a demon kidnaps his kid sister, Kathy. Then Irish and his two friends, Streak and Huff, time-hop to this besieged world of Celtic mythology to rescue her. But . . . are they ready to deal with a shape-shifter, a death fog, demon warriors, killer earthquakes and vicious flesh-eating wulgoars to save her? Can Irish’s ancestor, the ancient Celtic warrior hero Cuchulain, or the talking trees, help the boys triumph over evil?This middle-grade adventure story targets readers age 9 and older. It’s appropriate for boys, girls or older readers who appreciate fantasy and authentic Celtic mythology with non-stop action. (From Amazon.com)

What I really liked about this book was the vast amounts of Irish mythology. I don’t know much about it, and have not read much that uses this type of myth so it’s something different for me to read. It’s different, but it’s also so action packed it was like watching one of those adventure movies that are meant for the younger crowd (like Neverending Story, for example). The writing style was good and easy to understand, the setting was very well done and easily pictured, but I really liked how the author tried to make the Irish characters even ‘talk’ in their Irish accent. That, I thought was really well done and it helped give the characters a more real feel to them and it was well written enough that you could even imagine them talking in their Irish accent.

The book is small, and because of the action in this book, reading through it goes fast. There’s a little bit of character development, but the action takes up most of the novel. It’s nice to see familiar mythological characters, Cuchulain for example, and what helps a lot is there’s a list of characters’ names, and places in the beginning, with a pronunciation guide (whoever thought Sidhe was pronounced so differently?!) this was extremely helpful and useful.

The story overall was really good – it hit a bit of a rut towards the ending, but it was still a great adventure to read nevertheless. It’s a great story to read for all ages, however those that liked the Pendragon series by D J Machale should give this one a chance!

I give it a 7 out of 10.

Note: thank you to the author for giving me a review copy of this book!


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