Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Princess of GlassHoping to escape the troubles in her kingdom, Princess Poppy reluctantly agrees to take part in a royal exchange program. She travels abroad hoping to find better political alliances and perhaps a marriage. But thanks to a vengeful fairy, Poppy’s happily ever after gets complicated. This companion to Princess of the Midnight Ball will delight readers with action and romance. (From

It helps if you had previously read Princess of the Midnight Ball. Characters from that book are featured here, and also it helps you understand, and get a better idea of characters, and the setting.

I enjoyed reading about Poppy. She’s definitely not a typical Princess, and her aversion to dancing is certainly understood. I’m rather glad they chose this sister to feature in this story. She’s certainly just as determined, and strong willed as her other older sisters that were mentioned in the previous book. She’s most definitely not the needy whiny type of Princess, and one can’t help but like her for these strong characteristics.

The supporting cast around her is also well done. I liked Marianne and the two made a fine friendship pair (well, they’re cousins too). The chemistry between Poppy and Christian was there and I liked seeing them together – although as Ella(Ellen) came into the picture you had the urge to knock Christian upside the head with a baseball bat (although it’s perfectly understandable why he’s acting this way!) because he just seems to be the right one for Poppy (and also he became increasingly frustrating thanks to Ella).

It’s hard to sympathize with Ella. She was hateful and typically a selfish brat. Although once you realize her background and how she came to be how she is, you might change your mind. To me, she just seemed like someone who wanted an easy way out and she just seemed a little too naive to take something without realizing it had consequences to go along with it.

Again, like Princess of the Midnight Ball, the setting descriptions are magnificent and well done. Everything is clearly pictured and well described (plus there’s plenty of gorgeous dresses everywhere! and glass shoes!!!!! oh so pretty but sounded extremely painful!). The plot itself was good, although the ending had left a lot out in the open – like the issue with the Corley…that was closed, yet it was…open (get my meaning?). Perhaps there’s more books to come featuring these Princesses and their ways of fighting evil? let’s hope so, as it was a pleasure reading this book. The author’s writing style is excellent and fun to read. I definitely recommend this, especially those that enjoyed Princess of the Midnight Ball.

I give it a 9/10

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