The Secret Country by Jane Johnson

Secret CountryBen wants a Mongolian Fighting Fish more than anything. But when he goes to Mr. Dodds’s Pet Emporium with his hard-earned savings, he buys a cat instead. He doesn’t have a choice, really. The cat insists. Iggy (as the tabby likes to be called) has been kidnapped from his home, a parallel world known as the Secret Country. And as the two soon discover, Iggy is not the only animal to fall victim to the pet-store owner’s devious scheme: Mr. Dodds is stealing the Secret Country’s magical creatures and selling them to England’s rich and curious. Being away from their homeland causes the creatures with any connection to the Secret Country to be under immediate threat. What’s more, it seems Ben’s mother is their long-lost queen. With his mother’s life hanging in the balance, it’s up to Ben to play his part in an ancient prophecy and prove he’s worthy of the title of Prince of Eidolon. (From Goodreads)

I’m biased. The moment I read that there’s a talking cat, me being a cat lover, immediately picked this book up. Iggy also happens to be a wonderful character to read so that was an instant bonus.

This was a great fantasy read, and I enjoyed the adventure Ben went through. There was plenty of fantastical magic and action to keep the reader engaged, and the characters are well written and memorable. The pace is great and is steady and although the story might not be that original, and the plot itself may have been predictable, I think it’s still an enjoyable read. The action was exciting enough to by pass these thing to at least make the book a fun experience.

The ending of the book was pretty good, and it’s got me interested enough to go into the second of this series. It’s certainly worth a try and catered towards younger readers. Expect an action filled magical journey filled with fun and adventure. This is definitely worth looking into. I’m looking forward to reading more about Iggy and Ben!

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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