The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses by Ty Drago

The Undertakers “On a sunny Wednesday morning in October, a day that would mark the end of one life and the beginning of another, I found out my grouchy next door neighbor was the walking dead. When you turn around expecting to see something familiar, and instead see something else altogether, it takes a little while for your brain to catch up with your eyes. I call it the ‘Holy Crap Factor.’
Forced to flee his home and family, twelve-year-old Will Ritter falls in with the Undertakers-a rag-tag army of teenage resistance fighters who’ve banded together to battle the Corpses. (From Goodreads)

***Possible spoilers. You’ve been warned***

This book stood out for me. Unlike most zombie books I’ve read, where zombies have run amok and the world breaks down, here in this book, the zombies are quite different. They’re portrayed as what seems like a race from another dimension, and infiltrating Earth for their own purposes. It’s still unclear on where they came from, but I really did like this part of the book. It’s different, and it’s what sets itself apart from the usual zombie plot. It’s an interesting combination of zombies and The Body Snatchers which makes it all the more different and fun to read.

The action starts off with a bang in this book, and it’s continuous, with several pauses in between for a breather (and to read up on more information). The Undertakers, are really just a bunch of children who help other children who are called “Seers” because they can see through the façade in which the corpses are hiding behind. Again, this is a different idea that I have not read before, and could be compared to the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. They’re all split into different groups, each child sent to do important tasks for The Undertakers to thrive and survive. It’s well organized, and yet they’re still just kids, so obviously there’s a childish aspect to their organization as well. The plot is fast paced, and the pauses in between don’t drag or carry on for long.

I had a love and a hate for Will. I liked him because he had attitude and courage, yet at the same time, it’s that same attitude which annoyed me. There were just times when I wished he would shut up but Helene helped out with that (she got him good too). Yet I did like his ingenuity and his quick thinking helped a lot during the course of the book. The one character I did not care for, and thankfully, she did not make much of an appearance was Maria. Oh my, she was useless. All she did was cry, whine, or scream. Argh. I am just glad she wasn’t featured much in the book. The other characters are good and well written but are rather two dimensional since Will is really the center of the book.

The ending was great! and naturally there’s still a few unanswered questions in the book. I’m guessing this is going to be a series judging by the ending, so I am hoping it’ll come out soon, as I’m really looking forward to it.

This book audience inteded for this book does lean towards boys, younger girls might like this because of strong female characters like Helene and Sharyn but I think it’s a perfect read for all ages. It’s an interesting and different take on zombies and body snatchers. I say pick this up for a great action packed read!

I give it a 9/10

Note: Thank you Sourcebooks for providing me a review copy of this book!


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