She Said/She Saw by Norah McClintock

She Said/She Saw Tegan was in the backseat when her two best friends were gunned down in front of her. Was it an argument over drugs? An ongoing feud? Or something more random? Tegan says she didn’t see who did it. Or know why. Nobody will believe her. Not the police; not her friends; not the families of the victims; and not even Kelly, her own sister. Is she afraid that the killer will come back? Or does she know more than she is saying? Shunned at school and feeling alone, Tegan must sort through her memories and try to decide what is real and what is imagined. And in the end she must decide whether she has the strength to stand up and do the right thing. (From Amazon)

The way this story is represented is rather interesting. When it’s Kelly’s point of view, it’s written as if it’s a screenplay. With Tegan, it’s just through her perspective and her narration. It’s different although it took a bit to get used to Kelly’s style.

I felt for Tegan, although she got a little tiresome at times. I thought the way she was treated at school was horrible, and Kelly wasn’t really much help either. You can certainly feel the isolation and the feeling of being ostracized when Tegan is around. Although she’s not innocent, and the way she egged on Martin made you want to slap her silly, the things she had to do to prove her point was absolutely shocking and horrible. Near the ending, I wanted the rest of the characters to just shut up. What they did to Tegan was horrible and in that I think it’s absolutely unforgivable.

I found I did not like most of the characters in this book. Of all of them, I had to say Tegan was the one I liked most, but even then she wasn’t the greatest character either. Kelly really annoyed me. She tended to be over dramatic, selfish and had a horrible attitude problem. It wasn’t until much later she improved a little, but not enough to get any sort of reaction from me.

The plot was all right, it did keep you guessing until right at the end who was behind the shooting. The overall pace is pretty quick and it’s a thin book so it can be read all in one sitting. It’s a decent read, and with an interesting layout on how the story is displayed I’d say give a try. It wouldn’t hurt.

Note: I got this book from Early Reviewers/LibraryThing. Thanks!

I give it a 7 out of 10.


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