Book Blogger Hop 11/12

Book Blogger Hop


Today’s question is: “If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?”

BLOODY FREAKING YES!!!!!! I will NOT start a series without reading them in order. Call me persnickety, call me picky or whatnot but not reading them in order makes me feel dirty. 😛 However! you know the books that are in a series but can be read stand alone because they don’t use/mention past events in other books? I’m willing to read those out of order. But that’s it. Most of the time when I pick up the book and it reads: ” Book <enter number here besides one>” I get my knickers in a knot to go and find the very first book. I HAVE TO. It’s just me 🙂

Okay! so what are your answers?

Those from the Hop, I got nothing to eat..ho hum…but here! have some tea! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 11/12

  1. Karoline not doing a hop post but just stopping by to say Hello today and answer the question today…

    I try, honestly try to start with the first book in a series… Do not always manage it though and have found some books do not matter as they work as stand alone stories just fine…

    jackie >_<

  2. I can dive right into the middle of a book series if the series’ story
    doesn’t run chronologically.

    That is to say, if each novel in a series is a stand-alone story (like Lee
    Child’s Reacher novels) then I don’t feel the need to start with book one.

    On the other hand, a series of books (like Richard Hatch’s Battlestar
    Galactica novels) can’t be read out of sequence since each new book builds
    upon the story of the previous entry in the series.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  3. shelleyrae@ Book'd Out says:

    Just hopping by – no tea for me thanks though!

    I prefer to read series in order, particularly where the plot and characters are consistent. I’m not that bothered if it isn’t though

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