Sunday Salon: Paranormalcy, and a reading rut.

Sad to say that I’m going through a reading rut. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I needed to take a reading break for a couple of days. I did earlier this week, and am starting to get back into the swing of things. I will have to warn you all ahead of time; once Call of Duty Black Ops comes out reading may take a dive. A real nose dive. I’ve been anticipating this game for quite a while now so I’m counting down the days until its’ release. However I’ll try and divide the time between reading and gaming.

Anyway! my progress on reading this week? I finished Paranormalcy and …despite all the raving reviews I was sort of “meh” about it. Not sure why. Perhaps it was Evie’s obsession with pink. I hate pink. The color makes me vomit. It blinds me like sunlight blinds vampires. I literally avoid any clothing or accessory that has that color when I go shopping. That is how much I detest the color. Plus Evie mentions it all the bloody time and I’m a thinking she’s a Barbie. Argh. I did go through the book though. I’ll be posting a review this week about it once I’m done getting that bloody color out of my head.

Now I’ll be working on The Haunted and Rival to the Queen. If pink is mentioned in there I’m going to scream. Until then, next week. Help yourself to some butter tarts.



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