Book Blogger Hop 10/28

Book Blogger Hop


Today’s question is: “What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?”

– oh my…um…let’s see… you said one right? ok here goes:

The complete set of Jean Plaidy novels. Why?

1. They’re frakking hard to find. Even the reprinted ones.

2. I haven’t read all of them. In fact I only read one of them.

3. They remind me of my mom, and it’s a very happy memory for me.

Ever since she passed on a couple of years ago, I’ve been trying to read books she had read in the past, and I distinctly remember Jean Plaidy being one of her most favorites. I’d have to say although she didn’t share some of my interests in books (she didn’t understand my love for sci fi or fantasy but she loved the Warrior cat series!), I’ve so far liked what she read. I think it’s just another way of keeping her in my thoughts 🙂

Anyway! what’s your answer?

If you’re from the Hop thanks for stopping by! here have some pumpkin cupcakes! they’re fresh out of the oven.


6 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 10/28

  1. Oh a Battlestar Galactica and/or Caprica fan! Love it. I wonder how many others will catch the frakkin reference.

    Have a Hoppy Friday and a Wicked Halloween

  2. Love Jean Plaidy! I’ve read her Queens of England series and a few others and loved them all. I have all but 15 of hers and have had my greatest success in collecting them between Paperbackswap and EBay.

  3. Hey, thanks for hopping by!
    You’re right about the P and P going on sale, I read it in the newspaper after I’d written the post- what a coincidence! I’m not sure how much it went for though.
    I’ve read a couple of Jean Plaidy’s, they have some in my library.

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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