Sunday Salon: A Book Sale..and I saw something interesting

Reading has gone to a slow halt. (Damn you hockey. Damn you.) Then my social life decides to take over. I don’t like it when that happens. Not that I mind being out with friends. However when there’s books needing to be read and distractions are happening right left and center, it starts to get annoying. Then I start developing dangerous tics and then I evolve into this big red eyed man-eating dragon (I say man-eating because it’s usually the hombre that starts all these distractions!).

Anyway! Saturday I went to a library book sale! and I did manage to buy myself a large paper bag filled with books. It’s not a bad result, only that I wish I could go today (however social life is in the way and I must attend to that first.) So, while I was examining the shelves for anything that might have caught my eye I suddenly zoom in on a book which I’ve been curious to read for a while. Yet when I picked it up, it says in big bold letters: “ADVANCED READERS COPY”. Hrm.

Here’s what got me “hrmming”.

It’s taboo to sell ARC’s. I know it. Most of you should know and shame on you if you don’t *smacks hands with a wooden pointer* *that hurt didn’t it? good*. So now I’m wondering..does this taboo rule apply to libraries?

The book clearly reads: ‘Not for sale’ however, the proceeds do go to a good cause (the improvement of libraries). Should we as good book bloggers even donate these ARC’s to the library when they’re selling them once we turn around to read the next ARC?

Think about it. Let me know.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: A Book Sale..and I saw something interesting

  1. Honestly, Karoline, the whole “not-for-sale” aspect of ARCs has always confused me…mainly because, from a marketing standpoint, it makes little sense. What are the advanced reviewers supposed to do, sit on the book forever, as their bookshelf slowly takes over their house? I suppose the reply could be, “give it away for free!”, but then again, if a reviewer wants to make some coffee money by selling my book (and therefore giving me one more reader), I’m all for it!

    Just my opinion.

    Rob D

  2. Hmmm, that’s a good point. I never thought about it but I did know that libraries sell them sometimes. I guess if it’s a library and it’s for a good cause AND it’s after the book is already released then it’s different? But I feel like someone might accidentally buy it not realizing it’s an advanced copy and then be confused if there are editing mistakes, etc.

  3. the thing with ARCs is what do you do with it after you’ve finished? you’re probably not going to read it again, but you don’t (hopefully) want to throw it out. . . I’ve donated a handful to “friends of the library” long after the publishing date, and they usually go in the 50 cents bin at the fundraiser booksale. When publishers say “not for sale”, I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.

    what they had in mind is Bookstores selling this stuff for retail. And I’ve bought ARCs at under the radar used bookstores as well. When I asked the owner about it, he said they ocassionally accept ARCs, but only after the publication date. he also said they have a real tough time selling them, because ARCs often have editing issues, may be missing table of contents or illustrations, and usually the cover art is all marred up with “Not for sale”, and what retail customer wants that?

  4. I would say that it is ok for a library to sell it but I don’t think bookstores or others (like posting it up on ebay or something) is ok. Someone got it for free with a request to review it prior to the publication date. If that date has come and gone, I still don’t think it is ok for an individual to sell it. If they don’t want it, donate it to the library, books for charity or give it away.

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