Sunday Salon: It’s Been a While Hasn’t it?

It certainly has!!!!! I haven’t posted a real proper post for The Sunday Salon in a while! so what have I been up to lately?

Reading, naturally, lately I’ve picked up Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. So far, it’s certainly a different novel and it’s NOTHING of what I expected it to be. However I’m still at that point where I’m thinking; “So what’s the big deal about this book that everyone’s been raving about” and I’m more than halfway through the novel. Is it because it’s so different from other books out there? hrm. Do I like the book: so far, yes, it’s interesting. However it’s not “oh wow omg omg omg”. Yet.

I finally picked up Mockingjay from the library!!!!! am excited to get that one started soon, among other books that are piling up here at a rather alarming rate. I think it’s time to become anti social and say “no” everytime a friend wants to do something.

Anyway! what to expect from me this week:

A review on the book: The Book of Unholy Mischief by Ella Newmark (goes live tomorrow)

and several more reviews of books such as; The Dead Boys and The Secret Life of Josephine. No guarantees! but I’ll try and post those up as well!

Anyhow! that’s really what I’ve been upto and what I plan to do. Now I’m going to try and finish Incarceron and from then on…well I’m not sure. It’s always hard to decide which book to read next isn’t it? đŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian Book Bloggers!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: It’s Been a While Hasn’t it?

  1. I loved Mockingjay (and blogged about it at perhaps tedious length), though many found it too brutal. I look forward to hearing what you thought of it.

    Meanwhile, Incarceron is definitely on the TBR shelf – a friend of mine raved about it. Maybe it is a book that turns everything on its head in the last third of the novel?

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