Sunday Salon: Progress = slow.

Okay it seems I hardly got any reading done this week. Shame on me. I’m not sure what it is, I do go through phases were reading slows down a bit and I think that’s just my brain telling me to take a break from it all and just vegetate for a moment (ie; playing facebook games for an hour, watching youtube stuff for an hour until your brain starts to empty out). So..that’s what I’ve been doing, emptying my brain of all its’ content as it’s dangerously getting full (it might explode!)

Anyway I’ve been focusing on A Vicious Circle by Mike Carey (Felix Castor no 2). I’d have to say at the moment it’s exciting and I’m pleased with how far I’ve been reading this one. It’s been pretty good and I’m halfway done and it’s so much better than the first book (refer to my review of  The Devil You Know).

Progress on Mockingjay has been slow. It’s not Gale anymore it’s bloody Peeta. Who the F is this cold blooded jackalope and what has he done with Peeta??? where was the Peeta that I knew and loved more than Katniss ever did??!!!! where the hell is he???? bring him back this instant! I’m nearing the end of this book and I’m dreading it. I already made my prediction and if I’m right I’m not going to be very happy with this book. You’ve been warned.

Okay! that’s it for now. I am going back to A Vicious Circle. It certainly fits into Halloween and the spooky rainy windy weather 🙂

Happy Halloween and here! have some chocolates!


Review of Frostbite



The first book: Vampire Academy is recommended if you want to know what happened previously. Although Rose does summarize what happened in the first few chapters of Frostbite, it still helps to read the first one in full just so you have the understanding of the entire story.

It’s winter break at St Vladimir’s, but Rose is feeling anything but festive. A massive Strigoi attack has put the school on high alert, and now the Academy’s crawling with Guardians – including Rose’s hard-hitting mother, Janine Hathaway. And if hand-to-hand combat with her mom wasn’t bad enough, Rose’s tutor Dimitri has his eye on someone else, her friend Mason’s got a huge crush on her, and Rose keeps getting stuck in Lissa’s head while she’s making out with her boyfriend, Christian! The Strigoi are closing in, and the Academy’s not taking any risks …. This year, St Vlad’s annual holiday ski trip is mandatory. But the glittering winter landscape and the posh Idaho resort only create the illusion of safety. When three friends run away in an offensive move against the deadly Strigoi, Rose must join forces with Christian to rescue them. But heroism rarely comes without a price. (Taken from

As in the first book, Rose steals the show in this one again. I’d have to say I have never read a dynamic and exciting character as her. Her off comments, her toughness, and her thoughts elicited either a chuckle, or a cheer from me. I’d say Rose will be one of my favorite characters ever, and one of the most enjoyable to read.

This time around, the plot was good, although not as intriguing or mysterious as the first one. It still had its interesting moments though, and I thought the storyline with Rose and her mother was done very well. I rather like how Rose played tough, especially in front of her mom (with rather painful results) and her mom is exactly the same way. However both of them also have a soft side to them which neither will show to one another. Their relationship is awkward and they often clash because of their strong personalities and despite this, there’s a underlying deep respect. I thought Rose acted a little childish in this book though and it did get annoying in certain parts of the book. I’m glad Dimitri and her mother gave her a good telling off for her behavior however, how long it’ll take for Rose to stay that way one can never tell.

I absolutely LOVE the tension between Rose and Dimitri in this book. Wow! you can most certainly feel it and the emotions they’re feeling is plain to see. I absolutely love the way both of them are portrayed. Lissa and Christian make a great couple, although because they’re in many ways ‘perfect’ for each other, I think they’re not as exciting to read about than Rose and Dimitri. I am taking a liking to Lissa though, she’s starting to develop into her own character and not always having to hang off Rose all the time. I’m really liking the fact that she’s starting to go on her own and her personality is growing stronger. I’m hoping her character will get even more stronger in the next book.

The ending of this one was a bit of a shocker although shame on me for not seeing this one coming. I think Rose is about to overcome quite of few changes to her life. Whether that changes her personality, we’ll see in the further books to come. There’s isn’t much of a cliffhanger ending, but the particular story arc finishes and you’re basically prepared to read the next ‘episode’.

This book focuses more on Rose’s development, and it’s written well. The main plot advances just enough to keep the reader entertained yet at the same time, wanting us to keep on reading this fantastic series.

I give it a 9 out of 10.

Book Blogger Hop 10/28

Book Blogger Hop


Today’s question is: “What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?”

– oh my…um…let’s see… you said one right? ok here goes:

The complete set of Jean Plaidy novels. Why?

1. They’re frakking hard to find. Even the reprinted ones.

2. I haven’t read all of them. In fact I only read one of them.

3. They remind me of my mom, and it’s a very happy memory for me.

Ever since she passed on a couple of years ago, I’ve been trying to read books she had read in the past, and I distinctly remember Jean Plaidy being one of her most favorites. I’d have to say although she didn’t share some of my interests in books (she didn’t understand my love for sci fi or fantasy but she loved the Warrior cat series!), I’ve so far liked what she read. I think it’s just another way of keeping her in my thoughts 🙂

Anyway! what’s your answer?

If you’re from the Hop thanks for stopping by! here have some pumpkin cupcakes! they’re fresh out of the oven.

Review of The Fall


The Fall

The Fall


It is recommended you read The Strain before getting into this one. Events follow right after The Strain, and there’s no recall or a summary of what happened before in The Fall. Besides, if you don’t read The Strain you’re definitely missing out.

The vampiric virus unleashed in The Strain has taken over New York City. It is spreading and soon will envelop the globe. Amid the chaos, Eph Goodweather—head of the Centers for Disease Control’s team—leads a band out to stop these bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late. Ignited by the Master’s horrific plan, a war erupts between Old and New World vampires, each vying for control. At the center of the conflict lies a book, an ancient text that contains the vampires’ entire history . . . and their darkest secrets. Whoever finds the book can control the outcome of the war and, ultimately, the fate of us all. And it is between these warring forces that humans—powerless and vulnerable—find themselves no longer the consumers but the consumed. Though Eph understands the vampiric plague better than anyone, even he cannot protect those he loves. His ex-wife, Kelly, has been transformed into a bloodcrazed creature of the night, and now she stalks the city looking for her chance to reclaim her Dear One: Zack, Eph’s young son. With the future of humankind in the balance, Eph and his team, guided by the brilliant former professor and Holocaust survivor Abraham Setrakian and exterminator Vasiliy Fet and joined by a crew of ragtag gangsters, must combat a terror whose ultimate plan is more terrible than anyone has imagined—a fate worse than annihilation. (Taken from

I am wowed again by another fantastic book by these two authors. The action picks up where it left off and the story does take a turn for becoming more bleak. Yet the action sequences are very well written and it’s like as if you’re watching a horror movie instead of reading a horror book. There are plenty of moments that bring a chill to your spine, and moments where you’re wondering if a certain character has survived or not. There’s quite a number of cliffhanger moments making you want to read the book further. The descriptions are well done and leaves the reader to their imagination which makes the scenes more creepy and scary.

I really enjoyed the chapters in between the storyline where they focus more on Setrakian’s past. You do get a lot of questions answered and there’s more to his story than just a simple monster slayer. These parts I did like reading the most, and I wish there really was a small book just dedicated to Setrakian’s story and his life (those little chapter bits just weren’t enough for me). Zack annoyed me. Sure, he’s not over what happened with Kelly but he just ends up being stupid in the end. Yet in the climax of the book I expected something like that would happen, predictable but still fun to read.

The characters stay the same, and there are a few new additions but nothing major to change the impact of the story, despite this, be prepared for some drastic changes to the cast. I’m not sure if I’m happy with the way it ended but it does leave room for a lot more to happen. There is more blood and gore than the first book, so those who are squeamish are warned to either skip those parts or just skip the book all together as it’s more graphic and more detailed.

I’m anticipating the final book of this trilogy and I’m hoping it is every bit as good as this one and the previous one. It’s definitely a series to get into for those into horror and vampires but also for someone wanting something that’s a bit different from your typical vampiric horror. Give this trilogy a try, it’s definitely worth it.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

Sunday Salon: Mockingjay (Progress and thoughts so far)

I know, I know. You’ve probably heard enough about Mockingjay and is probably sick of hearing all about this book. This isn’t a review though, it’s just my first thoughts on the book. So if you’re sick of it, have a cookie and move on, but if you want to sit down and listen have some cake and have a seat (watch the kitty).

I’m about 137 pages into the book and so far, it’s not what I thought it would be. Here I was, all excited, (even counting down the queue of people in line on twitter) and I have the book in my hands and started reading it. Hrm. My excitement and hype just died. I’m not sure why. It’s off to a bit of a slow start but it’s slowly building momentum. Katniss is even growing on me (I stated that I didn’t really like her as much, I was Team Peeta all the way) (still am in fact).

You know who bugs me?


Gale; I don’t like you. Why? I don’t know but somewhere deep down inside of me you just scream “loser”. Your attempt so far at being a badass isn’t working and it’s making me dislike you more. Not to mention the fact that I think you’re a total homewrecker between Peeta and Katniss. They belong together and you’re just a bloody third wheel. On top of that, I still fail to see what Katniss sees in you? is it because you’re a total pushover and she can step on you and you’ll still lay in a puddle face down so she can step on you some more? argh go away, I really don’t like reading about you.

Perhaps he is the reason why Mockingjay isn’t doing so well with me.

Or…perhaps it’s because a great wonderful trilogy is about to come to an end and I don’t want it to.

Okay! thoughts? concerns? more dessert? 🙂

Review of The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects

It is recommended you read the first book of this series: The Fairy Tale Detectives to understand the characters and plot better. The reader will have a much clearer understanding of the plot if you read the books in order.

In book two of the series, the Sisters Grimm start school at Ferryport Landing Elementary. Daphne’s lucky enough to get Snow White for a teacher—she loves little people—but poor Sabrina’s stuck with Mr. Grumpner and a class of mildly psychotic sixth graders. When Mr. Grumpner is found hanging in a spider’s web, it is up to the Grimms to find the Everafter who did it. If only Sabrina can get over her distrust of all fairy-tale folk. But how can she trust those who just might be responsible for the disappearance of her parents? (From

Very few books have managed to make me laugh. And I mean burst out laughing until your cry or until your guts hurt laugh. sure, I get a chuckle here and there from some books I’ve read in the past, but this one really got to me. I couldn’t stop laughing at some parts (the dodgeball part really did it in for me) and tears started coming down and my stomach hurt. It came to the point where I was told to keep quiet because I couldn’t stop laughing so much. I can’t remember a time where I enjoyed a book so much like this one.

The plot of this book was much better than the first one. There’s more mystery involved and with Puck, the humor is increased ten fold. Sabrina is still having a hard time adjusting and her rude behavior is still there, but whatever Puck does to her to upset her is justified in my opinion. I still find her disagreeable but I don’t dislike her as much as I did in the first book. Grandma and Daphne are still loveable as ever. The plot is certainly darker than the first one, and I like it. Although the culprit may have already been guessed, the plot still continues to be attention grabbing with some action, comedy, and magic scenes which is sure to keep the reader going.

The illustrations also add a nice visual stimuli for the reader, and I thought they were well done. The last drawing was a little creepy and gave me a bit of a chill but the way the ending was written, it certainly got me curious and I’m definitely going to continue reading this series. There is still the unanswered question regarding Daphne and Sabrina’s parents which I think is the main problem they’re trying to solve while other mysteries pop up in their way.

An extremely fun read, with lots of laughs, a lot of fun magic and mystery. This book is definitely recommended for all ages who love fairy tales and don’t mind a little twist to them. (Think Shrek). I wonder if others have laughed as much as I did while reading the dodgeball game scene.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

Book Blogger Hop 10/22

Book Blogger Hop


Today’s question is: “Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?”

– since I moved into my apartment, we don’t (and still don’t) have much furniture so I have two places to read; at the dining room table with the laptop in front of me (bad idea as this is a distraction) or the bedroom. I prefer the bedroom it’s quiet and my cat is there half of the time keeping me company and snuggling against me 🙂 it’s a perfect reading environment!

what about you guys?

if you’re from the Hop, hi! enjoy these pumpkin cupcakes! 🙂