Review of A Matter of Class

A Matter of Class

A Matter of Class

Yes. I’ve read a romance novel. What came over me? a number of things; 1. I like Regency period books. 2. I knew it was romance but what I run away from are those that are filled with body fluid swapping moments (really, not my thing). and 3. It was short and I could finish this in one day. Mind you, I don’t mind romance as long as it’s clean. I’m not into explicit moments as I’d prefer to just get onto the story line without these unnecessary blips, hence why I shy away from Paranomal romance books sometimes – especially when the cover says it all. However I do pick them up, rarely. Perhaps it was a full moon that day who knows?

Lady Annabelle Ashton is involved in a scandal. So deep in scandal she’s now considered damaged goods. Her father decides to marry her off to Reginald Mason, the son of a family he sees as ‘lower class’ and not even worth the time to socialize with. Reginald on the other hand, is offered an ultimatum; marry Annabelle or get cut loose from any kind of allowance. Ever. Both Reginald and Annabelle reluctantly agree. What starts off as an antagonistic relationship might or might not end up in either being a happy marriage, or a sour one.

It’s a short and sweet novel that took me just one evening to read. For the short length that it was, I thought it was entertaining and a special twist was added in the book to add more to the story. I thought the twist was well thought of and to be frank, I didn’t even expect something like that to happen. It was definitely a refreshing surprise and I was glad to see that this sets the book apart from the typical romances you see on the shelf.

When it comes to these kinds of books, I expect the main couple in question to have the chemistry required to make the plot flow and to make the reading interesting. Annabelle and Reginald felt well together. Both were headstrong and stubborn, and both had a fiery streak. When they both argued, you couldn’t help but chuckle to yourself while reading. They were entertaining and had that perfect chemistry to make them a good couple. They were also both very likable characters, Reginald did start off as a spoiled brat at first but as the story progressed, he was not who I thought he was.

As for the ‘romantic’ parts, I’m not a fan of explicit scenes, but this novel passed. It wasn’t pages long with unnecessary descriptions, and can be skimmed through for those that are just not into that sort of reading (like I am!).  This book is a nice light quick read that can be finished in less than a day. The twist in the novel brings more flavor to the storyline and sets itself apart from the typical romances you see on the shelves. This has been a most enjoyable read – even for a non romance fan like myself.

I give it a 9 out of 10.

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