Review of The Compound

The Compound

The Compound

The Compound, by S. A. Bodeen is the story of the Takanaki family. They’re a prosperous, wealthy family and are very lucky to be living in the Compound. The Compound is an underground shelter, where Eli and his family have been living in for that past six years because of a nuclear war. Unfortunately not all of his family his made it. His grandmother, and his twin brother was left outside during the panicked escape towards the compound. For the last six years, Eli and his family have been living in this compound relatively comfortable and happy. However recently strange things have been happening. Food has been spoiling and is running out. Eli’s dad had already come up with a solution to the hunger problem – which disgusts Eli and the rest of his family. Eli then decides to do what he can to try and communicate with the outside world, even if it means opening the hatch of the compound and risking his life.

Eli wasn’t such a nice character to begin with. I found it really hard to like him and thought he was surly, rude, callous, at times down right awful to his sisters, and had such a horrible attitude problem I felt like pulling his stupid long hair out of its roots just to make him shut up. However, I realize being stuck in a place for six years and seeing/doing the same things over again is taxing on the mental state of health. I had no particular liking to any of the characters in this book, none really stood out for me and Eli was the only one with a real personality whereas the others were wooden like and almost seemed as if they were robots. I thought the solution to the hunger issue in the compound was a little…extreme (and disgusting). It does however, make you think on how far would you be willing to go to survive under these circumstances.

However, I did enjoy the plot and the way things were going. It had a very interesting twist that changed my view of the book a dramatic 360. At first I was a little disappointed with the twist but as the plot became more tense, and more suspenseful, I thought it was a good job well done by Bodeen. As you progress towards the end of the book you certainly do feel the tension and it certainly does become so tense it becomes a nail-biter as the mystery deepens and the intrigue is set on high. I enjoyed the ending as well, although I have to admit it does sound a little cliche. But! it certainly did fit well with the book. By the time you do finish the book though, you’ll feel as if you’ve just gone through a huge adrenaline rush.

Overall, a book filled with tension, action, and suspense. It’s good enough to keep you turning the pages and having you reading it until it’s done. It had a perfect twist to keep things busy. You will not experience boredom with this book. Highly recommended for those into dystopian fiction but who are also willing to accept the twist in the novel.

I give it a 8 out of 10.


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