Review of The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol

Note: you do not have to read the Robert Langdon series in order. I’ve read The DaVinci Code before Angels and Demons, and jumped into The Lost Symbol (while Angels and Demons is still halfway read on the table). You will find there are a few references that point to The DaVinci Code in this book, but it’s not enough to get you confused – so you can read The Lost Symbol as a stand alone.

Robert Langdon is back and this time it has to do with the Freemasons and America. A close friend and mentor has been kidnapped with a hand left behind leaving a clue. It is up to Langdon to put the pieces together and save his friend from a ruthless and highly ambitious kidnapper.

I tried to enjoy this. I really did. It didn’t have the excitement and intrigue that the other books had. There were some parts in the book where it was fun and it got me turning a page or two, but, then I felt the action and excitement die down. The writing then got bland, the chase scenes started becoming redundant, eventually the entire book got downright…well..have to say it, boring.

I’m not sure what else to say. I personally thought the puzzles would be more entertaining and the ending well, I think it fell short. I didn’t really force myself to finish this book. I kept going because I wanted to see if there was something exciting going to happen, if something mind blowing and catastrophic will be found out and the end of the world is nigh. Well, the book certainly put that out successfully, but you’re left with an empty feeling, a feeling as if asking: “That’s it?? that’s what it was?? I read 528 pages and …that’s it?????” I was disappointed for sure.

The story arc with Mal’akh (this name belongs in a fantasy book…not in a Dan Brown one) is all right. I’d rather figured out who he really was and although perhaps his hate and anger is justified, he’s nothing more than a spoiled brat who really did deserve to rot.

Overall, over hyped and not worth the read I’m still trying to figure out where these rave reviews are coming from. Stick with either Angels and Demons (I’m not even finished and I prefer it instead of this one) or The DaVinci Code for better work from Dan Brown.

I give it a 2 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “Review of The Lost Symbol

  1. I’ve been worried about reading this book because I’ve completely forgotten the storyline of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, so I’m glad you mentioned you could read it as a standalone. Too bad it didn’t meet your expectations! I’m on the fence now. Don’t want to read 500-odd pages for nothing.

    Thanks for the review! 😀

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