Review of Tall Dark and Dead

Tall Dark and Dead

Tall Dark and Dead

Tall Dark and Dead is the first book in the Garnet Lacey series. It features Garnet Lacey, a witch with the Goddess Lilith inside of her. Garnet has moved to a new town, with a new name, hiding from the Order of Eustace (yes, start smirking) a group of witch hunters headed by the Vatican. Working in an occult shop, she meets Sebastian von Traum, a vampire looking for mandrake root. Lilith, has an agenda with Sebastian, and tries to use Garnet’s body to achieve them. Meanwhile, Garnet has to maintain her relationship with Sebastian, hide from the witch hunters, and also fend off her ex Parrish, who decides to make a comeback.

I gave this book a chance because after reading something like High Stakes by Erin McCarthy, I thought these light, “chick lit” paranormal romances weren’t that bad, and could be a great light read after potential heavy reads.

This one is slightly more darker, and with more action but not enough to take it away from the romance/chick lit genre. However what I really enjoyed the most out of this book was the humor. There was plenty of it. It’s Garnet Lacey’s wit that draws you to the story, and also makes you like her as a character. She’s not your typical romantic heroine either, which also makes for her appeal. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments in the book -even coming from the bad guys in the novel as well.

The main story plot is pretty good and well written. The story arc with Garnet and the Vatican is very interesting. The romantic plot isn’t too bad (mind you, I’m not one for romances so I am biased in this aspect of the book). Although I have to say, Garnet and Sebastian as a couple…it’s a little off. I don’t find any chemistry between them, and don’t find them a great couple to begin with. Garnet and Parrish is the same way. Perhaps a little work is needed on giving the couples a little more chemistry to make the match more enjoyable to read, instead of just being together for the sake of having a main couple for the novel. I found it a little odd how Sebastian and Garnet instantly become an ‘item’ after a baffles me still. Yet perhaps how my idea of how a couple should start off is much different than how the author pictured.

The story arc with Lilith is interesting and got me wanting to read further into this series I’m intrigued as to what is going to happen. Lilith has her own plans and this builds intrigue and mystery into the book which is enjoyable to read. There was one particular moment in the book where Garnet had to ‘be on top’ (get my meaning?) because of Lilith (if you are familiar with mythology and Lilith then you’ll understand what I’m trying to get at). I thought that was so cheesy and silly it was enough for me to utter an awful comment or two out loud. It wasn’t necessary and might probably induce a lot of eye rolling from readers who are well familiar with the Lilith myth.

Yet thanks to the humor, and Garnet as a character (whom I enjoyed reading very much) this was enough for me to carry on and enjoy the book. I recommend this book to those who feel like a light read, with a dark twist throughout. It’s got humor, it’s got romance, a little bit of action, and it’s a nice blend to make the story fun to read, and also makes you want to know what’s going to happen next.


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