Musing Monday 7/12

This week’s musing asks…

Can you read amidst distractions? (tv, others talking, sporting events, etc)

– It depends on the distraction. I reading during Canucks hockey (not very successful) tried reading during World Cup (nope). While others talking and other shows I am not that interested in, then yes I can read. My (in)significant other singing at the top of his lungs and dancing about *sighs* I try to read..can’t. He’s a horrible distraction. 😀


2 thoughts on “Musing Monday 7/12

  1. LOL… I know what you mean. I can sometimes read in the midst of distraction distraction and hardly notice it, especially if the book is good. But there are just some distractions that cannot be overlooked; and others that I wouldn’t want to overlook.

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