Review of Fade



It is strongly recommended you read Wake first before you go into Fade. You won’t understand much if you don’t read in order.

Janie and Cabel are close to finishing high school. Real life seems to be harder than it seems as they’re trying to spend as much free time as they can (without revealing their relationship). Suddenly there’s a new case at their school. An ugly one that reveals a lot of secrets between students and teachers. As Janie gets closer to solving it, Cabel starts acting strangely and their relationship seems to be on shaky ground. Finally, Janie gets to the bottom of her abilities and their horrific consequences.

Although the book still had its’ interesting short phrased format, I thought the story started off a little slow. Janie started becoming an emotional emo wreck and her relationship with Cabel started to get tiring. It was nice to see them together but when things started to crumble, I was getting tired of them. Otherwise, the book mainly focuses on Janie developing her skills and learning more about becoming a Dream Catcher. However underlying this, is another story arc of a case given to Janie (she actually volunteers for it) regarding student and teacher relationships.

When it came to that plot, it was very well written. The parts with Janie and Mr Durbin together were so well done, I could feel the uneasiness Janie feels, and it made my skin crawl with disgust – it made such an impact on me that it just felt dirty reading how they interacted and talked. So, in regards to that story line, I thought it was very well done and invoked a lot of feeling from the reader. It may be hard to read for some readers as although it doesn’t really go into much gritty detail, it does have heavy phrases and statements where it makes you pause because it’s images are now embedded in your head and you just want it out as fast as possible.

As this book really centralizes on Janie developing as a character, it was also very well done. It also makes her relationship with Cabel develop – and although romance isn’t for me, this kind of romance was all right and tolerable and it’s actually more realistic than other couples I’ve read in YA fiction. Cabel and Janie do act more mature than their age which is also nice to see (I’ve seen and read worse).

Overall, I was pleased with how the book ended – despite a slow start. I’m eager to know what happens in the third novel and can’t wait to pick it up next. I hope all goes well for Janie!!!

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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