Sunday Salon: Review of After



Sorry I haven’t been posting up reviews like I usually do. Don’t get me wrong, I have been reading. Quite a lot actually but I haven’t had the time to post the reviews as I have had lots of books to catch up on so the reviews are all lined up ready to be written and posted. So the reading is getting along well, it’s the posting that hasn’t. Anyway! today’s review features After by Amy Efaw.

Devon Davenport was a straight A student, and a top soccer athlete. Yet she does something that is totally out of character for her; she dumps her own baby into a dumpster. No one except her knows why she did this. In fact, Devon is in denial herself. Yet when she’s sent to a juvenile detention facility, reality crashes all over her.

I normally don’t read these types of books. It’s not my type (even though I love young adult fiction). Yet I was drawn to the book, and have heard good reviews on other book blogs I follow. When I started reading this book, for me, it started off a little slow, yet as you go with Devon through her issues and what she goes through in the juvenile facility, the book started to get more interesting and I couldn’t let it go.

I had issues with Devon. I couldn’t believe she was that stupid to deny her pregnancy and I hated her attitude towards her lawyer who was only trying to help. It just seemed as Devon wanted to dig a hole deeper around herself and I almost wanted to give up on her for being this way. It actually got to the point where I nearly put the book down and walked away because I got so angry at her. Yet as the story progressed, you see changes in her, and it’s as if she started to “grow up”. I started feeling sympathetic towards her, and eventually at the end, I noticed that I actually did like her. She got herself up and tackled her issues eventually leading to an ending which I really did not expect.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was fast paced, and Devon’s development as a character was excellent! it was interesting how your attitude towards her changes and I ended up applauding her. Although the story revolves around Devon, the plot is all right and she does meet other characters – however none really do stand out except for one named Karma (whom I thought Devon was going to punch in the face – if only she did). The relationship between Devon and her mom is mentioned and indeed interesting and you have to wonder if that may have anything to do with Devon’s present situation.

If you were to ask me what I didn’t like this book (besides Devon’s attitude in the beginning), I’m not sure. I suppose the plot could use a little more work. It does tend to run flat and dry at times and if you’re used to books with a lot of characters, this one may take some time to get used to. There’s not many as the story does revolve around Devon.

Otherwise, it’s a great book that tackles the issue of teen pregnancy. It was realistic, and straight to the point. It’s a fast read so I advise to give this book a try. You’ll see what I mean from hating Devon, to supporting and liking her in the end.

I give it a 8 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Review of After

  1. Hmmm, interesting review, I wouldn’t have guessed reading it that you would have gave it an 8.

    I have had this one on my TBR since last year, I need to get to it.

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