Review of The Awakening

The AwakeningIt is strongly recommended to have read The Summoning before you go into The Awakening. The story plot continues right after The Summoning and it’s fast paced, so there’s really little room for the reader to try and understand and catch up. There is hardly any background information to fall back on – as The Awakening just , so a little review on the previous novel is a good idea (if you’re like me, and don’t read a series one book after another). Please keep in mind if you have not read The Summoning, I may release a spoiler or two in my review. Or better yet, you can read my review on The Summoning instead.

The Awakening, takes place right after The Summoning and Chloe is now house in a facility where they keep the “supernaturals” under strict supervision. It may seem like an all right place, but Chloe finds out more about The Edison Group and attempts to make her escape to reunite with Derek and Simon. Chloe’s also found out more information on herself and her fellow supernaturals but she needs to be one step ahead of The Edison Group who are after them for a different purpose.

This book had all the great qualities that I liked previously in The Summoning. It certainly did live up to its standards and I nearly ate up the entire novel in one sitting. It was so interesting and the plot went by so fast that it just kept me turning the pages to figure out what was going to happen next. It certainly was consistent and it flowed. There weren’t any interruptions to hinder the plot or that deviated away from the main story. Which is nice to see. Usually you do get at least two or three (or insanely, even more) mini story arcs in novels nowadays that having this main one which focuses on Chloe was refreshing to read and easy to follow. It helps too, that it was told through Chloe’s point of view since she is very central to the story.

The characters are the same, although you do see a potential love triangle forming (I’m for Derek to win this have to go for the underdog, Simon’s too…good). The tension between Derek, Chloe and Simon is there, but between Chloe and Derek, it’s just, almost electrifying. I think they seem perfect for each other, Chloe needs that protection and Derek provides it for her like a protective blanket. Tori, as usual, is still her annoying self, in fact even twice as annoying and really really snotty. She’s the type of character you’re forced to put up with, and I’m really surprised Chloe didn’t raise an army of zombies to chase Tori of the face of this earth.

The ending of this book wasn’t left in much of a cliffhanger as The Summoning, yet it still left me with a great interest in the next one (The Reckoning which has just been released). I wonder though, there’s still a lot of questions left unanswered and now I’m wondering if one last book is enough to explain everything. It just seems like a very long explanation(s) are left to do. I could be wrong when I get my hands on The Reckoning!

Overall, it definitely lives up to its predecessor. If you haven’t already, read The Summoning and onto this one! it’s certainly a great trilogy so far and one of the best I’ve read at the moment.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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