Review of The Fairy-Tale Detectives

The Fairy Tale DetectivesThe Fairy-Tale Detectives is the first novel in The Sisters Grimm series. It combines both fantasy and a bit of mystery, but also uses fairy tales we all know and love. Two sisters; Sabrina and Daphne have gone through dozens of foster homes after their parents just happened to have disappeared. One day, their grandmother whom they thought was dead comes to adopt them. It turns out they are related to the brothers Grimm, the well known fairytale collectors. What used to be just stories and myth have become a reality for the two girls and when their Grandmother gets kidnapped. It’s upto the girls to rescue her, with a little help from some very unlikely characters.

The story is certainly filled with fun and a very entertaining read. Nearly every fairy tale or story I’ve read as a kid was featured in this book. I guess you could say, it was like reading something that came out of Shrek, sans the main cast. The concept is certainly very interesting and adding in the idea of making the Grimm family a family of detectives out to solve mysteries caused by the Everafters (characters and creatures from the fairy tales) makes the story all the more fun to read. There were a few parts here and there that made me laugh out loud (the momma bear part was really good).

I have to admit I didn’t like Sabrina at first. Her skepticism got annoying and for someone who’s very young (around 11 years of age) she doesn’t act like it. She’s certainly very mature – however given that they have jumped through a dozen or so foster homes, perhaps that’s what made her grow up so fast. However, I still think she’s a little too skeptical for her own good. All characters though were well done and each had something I liked. Which makes the book even much more enjoyable to read.

The ending of the book is well done, albeit, a little too quick in finishing off the main story arc but naturally it leaves a lot more to do with the Grimm family and leaves me with a lot of questions. I am definitely going to get into this series. It’s a quick read and there aren’t any lulls or anything that takes you away from the main plot.

Overall it’s certainly worth a look into if you want something light and easy to read. It’s filled with adventure and will keep you entertained, and hopefully getting you to pursue the series a little more further.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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