Review of The Devouring

The DevouringThe Devouring is about the Vours. Demonic beings that inhabit our bodies and take advantage of us by playing on our fears. They stay hidden in our bodies. They could be in just about anybody – even in our families. Reggie, the main heroine of this novel, realizes the existence about the Vours and attempts to fight them off to protect her family.  However she realizes, a little too late, that they were already in her town to begin with.

This book was so good I wanted to stay up at night to finish it. The prologue was so good and gripping that I had to continue reading it to see what would happen. The book had all the makings to become a horror movie itself. The writing was great and an easy read. It had very well written descriptions of horror scenes which is enough to put the reader on edge. Some parts were so well written I found myself reacting to it out loud while reading.

Fear is the main theme here, and Reggie has a giant phobia of spiders. Naturally, there are many scenes which include spiders. I’m rather scared of spiders myself and I could just feel my skin crawl as I read the parts where Reggie is constantly terrorized by them. As said before, the horror scenes are excellent and picturing them isn’t so hard. It brings the reader right into the book as if one was beside Reggie herself.

I like Reggie. She’s the typical horror heroine you find in horror movies. Strong, attempting to live life as normal as possible, until the Vours come in and turn her life upside down. Her friend Aaron is also, your typical side kick in a horror movie who is the brains and helps Reggie get to the bottom of understand and figuring out the Vours. Then there’s Eben, who’s the mysterious good guy but with a horrible secret.

However, like any horror movie, it doesn’t stop there. There is a second book out (called Soulstice) which I am definitely getting once I have the chance to. The Devouring is definitely worth reading if you feel like reading something creepy and terrifying. Yet, there are still questions to be answered. There is blood and gore in the book. So those that aren’t partial to it should avoid this book. However those that want a scare should definitely pick this up.

Overall, one of my favorite reads of this year. I am glad I picked this book up. I was pleasantly scared.

I give it a 10 out of 10.


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