Musing Monday 3/22

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about tbr books.

Where do you keep the books on the top of the tbr pile? Not the bunk of the mountain, but just the tip of the peak – the ‘almost up to’ books?

– Oh! good question! see, I used to have them on a pile on a chair in our dining room but the hombre didn’t like that (he’s the “wife” of this relationship) so he bought me this nice large wicker box with a lid so I can put all the TBR books I have. 🙂 however, space is limited, and now some of the TBR but “definitely” reading books are on top of it. I’m waiting until he says something about that….will let you guys know if he does. 😀

What are your answers?


8 thoughts on “Musing Monday 3/22

  1. I pile the ones to be immediately read on a small shelf by our back porch, which is where I do most of my reading. The next group to be read is either on the kitchen counter – which annoys everyone in the house – or on my desk, which annoys me!

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