Review of Fablehaven

FablehavenI didn’t even know about Fablehaven until I saw it in a book set (containing the first three books) I almost got it, but had to put it aside as there was no price tag (and I hate looking for the price, it’s time consuming and most of the time it’s a price that’s just out of your reach so you’re bound to be disappointed). So, afterwards I forgot about it until I saw the it on the shelf at the library.

Fablehaven is the story of two children named Kendra and Seth who are dropped off by their parents to their Grandfather’s place for two weeks. They discover that Grandpa is the current caretaker of Fablehaven, a sanctuary and refuge for magical creatures both evil and good. There are strict rules to follow, as the sanctuary can be dangerous. Seth, who’s a little too curious for his own good, already has broken some of those rules, but has broken a very important one on Mid Summer’s Eve. Evil has been unleashed and it’s up to Kendra and Seth to fix things right and restore peace to Fablehaven.

I thought to myself after reading this, what a great book! it’s got everything that makes a fantasy readable, enjoyable and a great adventure. You’ll find every sort of mythical creature in Fablehaven (except unicorns and dragons, for now) but fairies are a very important aspect to the sanctuary and they seem to be all over the place. I loved the plot. It was extremely well written and the first few chapters were excellent in drawing the reader into the story and into the magical world of what is Fablehaven.

There is the classic battle of good versus evil, and of course it runs much deeper than there. There are unanswered questions and there is still lots to learn about the sanctuary, but the book does a very good job in introducing the reader to the main story and helps the reader in determining who’s “evil” and who’s “good”. What I’m trying to say is, it’s a great book to introduce the reader as to who is involved, who might be involved, and the potential bigger, badder, battles that might come ahead in the later books to come. Character wise, I’d say I like Kendra the most. I think she’s going to be the most important character in this series. Seth is also important, but he annoyed me a lot (I suppose that was the point of him, he is Kendra’s younger brother). I’d have to say though, my favorite part is at the end, with all the fairies joining in. The writing was well done in this part, and I could picture everything clearly in my head. It had beautiful descriptions which were also concise and clear.

I am definitely going to go ahead and read the rest of the series once I get my hands on them. Best thing is, the final book will be due out in the next few weeks! (Late March of 2010). This is a great series for fans of Harry Potter who need some more magic. True, there are no muggles in this one, there’s no Hogwarts, but you’ll see that Fablehaven provides a wonderful substitute for an instant magic fix.

Overall I give it a 9 out of 10.


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