Review of Obsessed

ObsessedObsessed by Ted Dekker is about the death of a Holocaust survivor named Rachel Spitzer who leaves behind a generous legacy to a Holocaust memorial fund, and a strange cryptic letter phrase regarding the Stones of David, who will eventually “find each other. This message, suddenly makes Stephen the heir to a large amount of fortune but also the key to his own past which he doesn’t really know (he assumes his parents perished in the Holocuast as searches for family has resulted in nothing). However, there is someone else who is also persuing the Stones of David. A serial killer named Roth Braun, who, along with his father, has been looking for Stephen for a very long time. Stephen is the key to the Stones and they will stop at nothing to get them.

This has been an addictive page turner. It’s kept me on pins and needles. There were times where I couldn’t bear to turn the page because I just didn’t want to know if the character was going to encounter an ugly end, or a great success. However I just had to keep going and read it because I really wanted to know what happened. The action and the plot were well written and it just keeps you on edge. It’s been a very suspenseful plot and a very thrilling ride.

Stephen as a character is what makes the story funny and keeps the action going as he keeps on pressing towards his goal. I say it’s funny because there were just things Stephen had to do which just made me laugh out loud. Roth on the other hand, makes the story very chilling and dark, he’s your average villain, but add more evil (about 3 cups) and take away the soul and you get Roth. I have never read a villain such as this and he would most likely end up on my top ten villain list. He was just very real, and oozes evil (he even has the black ensemble to match it). Of all the characters mentioned though, I liked Ruth. Her strength, and her ability to see the good and be able to hold onto hope even when she was surrounded by death and hopelessness was very admirable.

Considering the author is known more for his Christian fiction, and he does make references to faith and God in his works, the book did not seem preachy at all. It did not get in the way of the plot. So those who aren’t into Christian fiction like I am, the story really has nothing to do with God, or anything of any religious denomination. Just read it for the plot, and the spine chilling events. You’ll be a satisfied reader like I was. Obsession does play a major theme in this book; both from Stephen’s side, and from Roth’s.

What frustrated me about the story is certain parts of the book where the characters decide to just stop and hesitate and think about what they’re doing when they should be running out the door and running like hell. I don’t get it. I felt like jumping in and kicking them towards the exit and to stop thinking and blubbering like idiots. It was extremely frustrating and annoying.

Overall though, an excellent page turner with all the right plot twists and thrilling moments at the right times. Give this a read if you want a great thrilling ride.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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