Review of Dawn of the Dreadfuls and a Contest!

Dawn of the DreadfulsIf you have read my previous reviews before, you probably have figured out that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was one of my favorites. Now, thanks to Quirk books and Raincoast books, they have provided me with an ARC of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls – which is a prequel of the original P & P & Z. Needless to say, I was so very excited when I got the copy of this book. If you would like more information regarding this wonderful prequel please go to their main book page.

I won’t summarize the plot, as the main book page does it for me. However, I can tell you, that I LOVED this book as much as P & P & Z. It had the wonderful moments of humor and wit that I experienced before and enjoyed. You will see the original characters except for a few (no Darcy or Bingley here, sorry. This does take place before they met Lizzy and Jane). You read more about Mr Bennet who seems to take a more active role in the story (he helps trains his daughters to become warrior women). However the book also introduces new memorable ones which will prove unforgettable and absolutely hilarious to read. What I thought was interesting was the nice reference made with the mysterious “soldier” the left and broke Mrs Bennet’s heart when she was a girl. If you’re well versed in P & P then you’d know what I’m taking about. It’s these little references to the main novel that make the prequel do justice to P & P & Z. Readers also be advised, this book is meant to be a parody, and a funny one at that. If you treat it with a sense of humor, enjoyment is increased tenfold.

Of the new characters, I enjoyed Dr Keckilpenny (really, with a name like that, what’s not to enjoy?) the most. First, because no one seems to get his name right (except for Lizzy), and second because he just seemed to be so friendly and so likable. Lord Lumpley played your average greaseball with a secret – I especially enjoyed how he tried his advances on Jane, but to no avail. Then you get one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen, and that is Captain Cannon who uses four of his soldiers as arms and limbs (you have just to read it to get a good laugh). The moment I started reading about his arms and limbs made me laugh, but it made the book much more enjoyable with these kinds of new, strange yet quirky characters.

The book was very well written, the plot flowed well and did not stop. The humor was in the right places at the right times so reading this book was enjoyable and fun. There is gore. Lots of it. I think moreso than P & P & Z. So, if you are not into that sort of theme. Perhaps this book may not be for you. However this would be great for zombie fans and will satisfy P & P & Z readers, it’s a well done prequel and will be listed as one of my favorites for 2010.

Overall, I love this book. What I would like to see next, is another zombie novel but with Darcy and Bingley before they met the Bennet sisters. That would be interesting, I think. Who knows where the Dreadfuls will strike next?

I give it a 9 out of 10.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Dawn of the Dreadfuls and a Contest!

  1. This book sounds like so much fun! I still need to read PPZ, and was kind of on the fence about reading it. But after you review I think I really need to get on it so that I’m ready to read Dawn of the Dreadfuls when it comes out!

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