Review of City of Bones

City of BonesI came across this book at a store when browsing through. Never gave it a second look but put it in my wishlist in case I feel like coming back to it again. By chance I found it at the library and decided to give it a go.

City of Bones is the story of a girl named Clary who by chance at a nightclub, sees a murder committed by three teens her age with strange tattoos and weapons on them. However when trying to explain it to her friend Simon, she realizes she was the only one who witness the crime and the body had just dissapeared. The three teens confront her and introduce themselves as Shadowhunters – a group whose mission is to get rid of demons from the Earth. However her mother than suddenly disappears, and Clary is left with her own questions on how she’s able to see things others don’t. As she searches for her mom, she also uncovers a lot of secrets that were meant to stay hidden about her past and her mother’s.

After trying to overcome a reading slump, this one was a great picker-upper. It was filled with action (it actually started in the first few pages of the book) and the plot kept me turning the pages and held my interest until the end. Normally, I’m not much into this whole faeries and the plots where a main character can see things, but others can’t. I found them a little dry and predictable and it would have taken a very good plot to keep me interested. So when there was a plot twist with Clary’s mother missing, that instantly got me hooked and left me with as many questions as Clary had about her mother and her past.

There were at least three moments in this book where I was completely surprised with the outcome and reactions of certain characters. This made me like the book even more as I have to admit, there were also some parts where I thought was completely predictable and made me feel as if perhaps I had made a mistake in reading this. However these little (or big) surprises caught me and it made the book even more enjoyable than I thought. The action sequences were entertaining and fun to read – albeit quite graphic in the violent department, therefore the book shouldn’t really be read with the younger age group.

Characters are a wide variety and very interesting and different. For a bunch of teenagers, the Shadowhunters themselves act quite mature (a little too mature in some cases) but it’s funny how they can quickly descend to acting like the typical behavior of teenagers when the situation arises. (The plot arc with Simon, Clary and Jace for example). When it comes to development, you really see only two characters develop (Clary and Jace) but since they are very central to the plot, it’s nice to see them very well rounded out. It was especially nice to see Clary mature so quickly once she was thrown into the Shadowhunter world.

Still, plenty of questions need to be answered, although quite a lot has been answered. There are still a few openings which of course leaves the reader to pursue the next following book. I will definitely be reading the next one. This series has me hooked for sure.

Overall a great read, especially if you were going through a reading slump like I was. This was perfect to get you back into your reading habit with its wonderful plot, great action, and its very interesting melange of characters.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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