Review of They Found Him Dead

They Found Him DeadThank you Danielle at Sourcebooks for providing me a copy of this book. These Georgette Heyer mysteries are becoming a fast addition to my library and I’m starting to like them more each time I pick one up.

They Found Him Dead is the third in the Superintendent Hannasyde series (I’ve only read the first one, Death in the Stocks) however it’s not necessary to read them in order. I found they don’t have any background information regarding previous cases so it’s perfectly find to start in any order you please. In this story, Hannasyde and his partner/helper Hemmingway investigate the death of Silas Kane. Although it looks like an accident, things take a turn for the worse when the next heir in the Kane family is shot and the following heir is threatened. There’s an extensive suspect list, and everything is not what it seems….

I find that when I read Georgette Heyer novels, I keep on thinking; “Okay this one was better than the last one I read…” then I read this one and it’s like: “Okay nevermind, this one was THE BEST one I’ve read so far!” I have a feeling that’s going to keep happening whenever I read one of her mysteries (I still have yet to try her regency ones). I absolutely loved this one and will put this one up as one of my favorite mysteries from Heyer as of yet.

As usual, there is a rather large list of suspects and everyone seems to have some sort of motive for the murder. However, what’s different from this book and the others is, I found there was quite a bit more action and the characters in this book have much more personality and are “fleshed” out, and they have their own distinct personalities. The action added a lot more intrigue to the book and kept me interested. I had a hunch who was behind the plot, but because of the frequent twists and the suspicion being thrown all over the place I kept on second guessing myself. However, even though my first guess was right, the way it was solved was interesting and never the way I expected it to be. The plot was engaging and intriguing. It’s not a thriller per se, but it’s got the feel of a classic whodunit mystery which will keep the reader interested. There’s a bit of comedy included, with witty backtalk and remarks that will induce a chuckle or two.

As I have mentioned previously, the characters in this book were one of the most interesting I’ve ever read from Heyer’s works. Rosemary has to be one of the most annoying and most self absorbed I have ever read. Although she was extremely irritating, she also made me laugh the most because of her stupidities, and the fact that although other characters have told her to be quiet, it just doesn’t faze her. I liked Lady Harte even though her arrival in the book is a little too late. She was sharp and the way she had spoken to Rosemary was funny and to the point (Eventually, I think Rosemary got the hint).

The only complaint I had with this book is, it got a little dry towards the end of the book. You don’t literally find out who was behind the murders until the last few pages. It went in a mini circle for no reason. Otherwise, this is one of Heyer’s better mysteries.

Overall, an enjoyable read filled with mystery and intrigue. Greatly recommended for Georgette Heyer mystery fans everywhere.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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