Did Not Finish: Rumors

Rumors Ok I tried. I even went past my 100 page limit. Then I noticed, I kept getting tired of the endless running in circles routine. It was starting to drag. Will and Elizabeth were pissing me off because they were so sickeningly sweet together they started to give me cavities. The intrigue and plotting were there but it just wasn’t enough anymore to capture my attention. I simply couldn’t read any further.

To add more injury, I simply looked up this book and the remaining book summaries (Envy and Splendor) and was left satisfied with that. I didn’t need to read an extra 400 pages about what gowns they were wearing, what rumor was next, what Penelope was thinking (the answer was usually Henry) what Diana was thinking (answer is..guess what? Henry again!) and if goody girl Elizabeth was going to come to the rescue. *sighs* I didn’t have the patience anymore and found my thoughts wandering off. I simply couldn’t go any further. Oh well. At least I now know what happens after. I’m thinking I should stop reading books about high society. It seems I can’t really stick with them (like the Blue Blood series – that didn’t last long with me) they just don’t interest me like I thought they would.

What are your thoughts if you have read The Luxe series?

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