Review of The Ghost King

The Ghost KingI’ve been a fan of R A Salvatore’s work for a long time. Drizzt Do’Urden is still one of my favorite fantasy heroes. I haven’t read the beginning of his adventures (however I have them and are ready to be read at any given time). However if you have never read these books before, you might want to, as they do backtrack a little but, it’s not entirely necessary. It does help but you can get by without being confused. The first and second book of this series aren’t really related so reading this book as a stand-alone is all right. (But why would you want to do that when you should start with the first one?) 🙂

In the Ghost King, the land of Faerun is set with the Spellplague, a chaotic time where magic has gone mad and unreliable. The undead walk in hordes, and other dark evil creatures also are set upon the land. A battle in which Drizzt thought was won has again resurfaced, this time, much more stronger and allied with other older evils also thought to be destroyed. With the help of his friends, and other unlikely allies, Drizzt will have another battle to fight. A battle that could have very serious consequences in the end.

Of the three books featured in this Transitions series, I liked this one the most. The Orc King was all right (let’s not talk about The Pirate King) but I preferred this one. This one had a lot more character development, and plenty of battle scenes to keep the plot interesting, plus it feels as if all hell is breaking loose. What more could you want? I actually rather liked the concept of the undead horde rising, magic running amok, basically the world going to shreds which kept me interested in the book (the last two were a bit on the dry side, this one made up for it entirely.) Fans of Drizzt and his friends would be glad to see the usual cast of characters, and also including Cadderly and his family (whom I am not familiar with, but will soon be once I pick those books up). There is also the return of Jarlaxle, and some cameo appearances of other characters from other Forgotten Realms books – which is nice to see and makes Faerun a much “smaller world” if you get my meaning. Who I was very excited to see was Valas Hune (who is mostly in the War of the Spider Queen series) even though it was only a cameo appearance.

The plot was good, with plenty of fighting action that is standard in these Forgotten Realms novels. What’s really nice to see is Drizzt developing as a character throughout the book. Also what I enjoyed was seeing a different side of Jarlaxle (the one that’s not so selfish and always wanting something in return). I think both of these characters developed in some way or another. A word of warning however, there will be some fans that might be sad and dissapointed with the ending of this book. It does leave a lot in the open so naturally we can only look forward to more Drizzt and of his friends.

Despite the ending, I was satisfied with how this series ended. It leaves me wanting more and leaves me with a lot of questions unanswered. Fighting was standard, and although there were a few scenes where I wished the story would move along a bit faster, everything else about the book was good. Definitely recommended for Drizzt fans everywhere. Those that have just started with the series though, it’s a good idea to just read the past books for a little background information as it might help you understand what’s happening a bit more clearly. I haven’t read all of them but it was enough information for me to get by. I’m sure if I actually completely read the entire Drizzt series it would be one hundred percent more clearer.

Overall a great book for the Drizzt fans.Fantasy lovers might want to start with The Crystal Shard or Homeland both also by Salvatore.

I give it an 8 out of 10.


One thought on “Review of The Ghost King

  1. I love Drizzt!!! I’ve only read the Dark Elf Trilogy but I absolutely loved it. I’m not sure why I never got around to reading any other R.A. Salvatore books. I think I started The Crystal Shard but got distracted by something else and never finished it. This makes me want to keep reading the series! Thanks for the review!

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