Review of Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World

Last Man in the WorldFirst thank you Danielle at Sourcebooks for providing me with a review copy of this book. It’s very much appreciated. Second, I’m on a roll with reading these Jane Austen sequels. At first I screamed out sacrilege and heresy at the sight of them. However I started giving these books a chance and started liking them. This created a whole new unexplored genre that I was seriously missing out on.

Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World is a “what if?” Jane Austen spin off. It asks the question; what if Elizabeth agreed to marrying Darcy the first time around? the story revolves around their marriage and how it went from potentially disasterous to finally understanding each other, and coming around to loving one another.

This book was so addictive, that late at night I put it down. It was getting late and I thought I should work on reading another book. No I had to stop and go back to this one. I had to finish it. I just had to. I wanted to know what was going to happen next to Lizzy and Darcy. My heart just went out to them because I wanted things to work for them and yet it looked like everything was going from bad to worse. So I just couldn’t leave them there. I just HAD to finish this book. It took me two days to do so (because of interruptions and such).

Since I’m so attached to Lizzy and Darcy, naturally this book absorbed every bit of my attention. I liked how it switched from Elizabeth to Darcy’s viewpoint and it was fun to see how each one thought of each other and what they thought after their quarrels. Sometimes it made me just want to smack myself because they just couldn’t see eye to eye and you wanted to jump in and become the middle person in their arguements. Then there were parts where I wanted both of them in their own corners as if they were children and misbehaving. It was just filled with such emotional conflicts that you weren’t sure how to feel towards both of them. There were also times where I just heaved a sigh of frustration because it just wasn’t working out and it felt as if it was one thing after another and you’re left with saying: “Oh jeez, now what???” but, I liked it. This book was excellent on tugging emotions left, right and center. I really liked both Elizabeth and Darcy in this book.

Their character development was great. What I thought most interesting was, Georgiana, who wasn’t really much in the book developed in character as well I actually liked that considering we don’t really hear much about her anyway. However, naturally the main character development is within Elizabeth and Darcy and they develop nicely. Plotwise, I’d have to say there really isn’t much of one. The real main focus is the development of the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy. This might not sit well with others as plot driven novels can be essential to the story. I didn’t mind, I was too engrossed in their relationship and what they went through to really pay attention to having no plot.

The one thing that did bother me about the novel was Elizabeth’s behavior. Where was her wit? her comments that had the subtle sarcasm that was her trademark? where was her inner strength and her ability to think things through clearly and cleverly? to me, Elizabeth wasn’t really Elizabeth it was like as if that part of her personality was wrenched out from her. I wasn’t really too crazy about this new Elizabeth in this book but I went along with it. There were parts in the book where she engaged in her banter with Darcy but it just wasn’t the same. It bugged me but not the the extent that I had to stop the book and quit it altogether. There are a few romance scenes in here, but I was willing to read it through. It was acceptable for a non romance reader like me.

Overall, if Elizabeth’s personality change doesn’t bother even the most hard core of Austen readers out there, then by all means pick this up. It’ll tear you to pieces with emotions, that I can guarantee you. You either wanted to reach out to either confort or lecture these two. This is a great Jane Austen “What if” question, and a great novel to add to your Austen sequel collection.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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