Did Not Finish: Three books

The following, I did not finish for various reasons stated below;

The Concubine's DaughterThe Concubine’s Daughter by Pai Kit Fai had its’ potential, but then I started losing interest in it. It sounded so interesting in the beginning but then it started to get predictable and just couldn’t grasp my attention into it. It was too bad because I really liked the beginning of the book. Apparently it is said this book can be compared to Memoirs of a Geisha. To be honest I sincerely hated and detested that book. Perhaps because of those similarities the book wasn’t grabbing my attention at all as well. Who knows. Oh well. I tried my 100 page rule. Meh. I just wasn’t into this one.

Girl With the Dragon TattooOkay why is everybody so hyped up over this book? all those ranting and raving how this book was so great and awesome, it got me curious and I read the first few pages. Meeeeehhhhhhhhhh. The first bits where it had to do with finances and such, I just couldn’t stomach it. I hate reading anything to do with finance and stock markets and such. I know it was just the first few pages, but it was enough to set me off of this book and to return it to the library asap. I’m glad I actually took it out from the library instead of buying it. It would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Blood TiesI tried reading this book and past the 100 page mark (my limit) I asked myself: “Where the hell is this story going? is there even a plot? it seems as if it’s just short stories all wrapped up in a fantasy setting”. There was a few bits and pieces that caught my interest, but it was slow enough that my interest started to wane, and I decided to drop this book. It had three main characters and just following them on their adventures or daily life routines. Then it had little mini stories of people associated with these main characters. But there wasn’t much to it. Just stories that’s it. Just their experiences. No big plot to follow, and the three haven’t even met together yet. I don’t have the patience for this. Not when I have a lot more books to finish. I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels but this one didn’t have enough action to keep me interested. Alas too bad, it had its’ moments, but it just seemed to be stuck in a rut.

So there you have it. Three books I dropped in the past few months for lack of interest. Anybody else dropped any recently?

4 thoughts on “Did Not Finish: Three books

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Karoline! The new year is here and The Tudor Book challenge has begun. I wish you luck in your pursuit of wonderful Tudor literature this year.

    I have posted an official roster of participants in The Tudor Book Challenge. You can find that here.


    When you finish a Tudor book and review it, please provide me a link there so I can update your progress for the prizes we are giving away. Happy historical readings in 2010!

  2. I thought The Concubine’s Daughter would be good – bummer it was hard to hold your attention.

    The Heretic’s Daughter is one I am struggling with and I dont know why….

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