Review of Pride and Prescience

Pride and PrescienceI’ve seen this book in some book blogs while blog hopping. It caught my eye as first, it was a cozy and recently I’ve been in a cozy mystery addiction and also it features the newly married Mr and Mrs Darcy! I’m also starting to like these Jane Austen spinoffs so this book practically gives me double the fix in two genres I’m starting to like a lot.

Pride and Prescience (or, a Truth Universally Acknowledged) has Elizabeth and Darcy newlywed and ready to enjoy their marriage when there’s sudden news; Caroline Bingley is also engaged to be married and the marriage is about to happen soon. Of course Elizabeth find this ill timed, it’s hardly a coincidence that Caroline probably planned this so she can have the limelight as well. Caroline is engaged to a rich and charming American who has decided to move to England and buy land and settle down. All seems well, until strange things happen, horses get spooked, accidents happens in carriages, sleepwalking, and even possible attempted suicide. Elizabeth and Darcy try to get into the heart of the matter, and find a sinister plot with things happening that can’t even be explained rationally.

This is one of the better cozies I have come across so far in my cozy mystery reading experience. It feels like you’re reading one of those old English gothic novels. It has a good mixture of supernatural mystery to satisfy those in need of a creepy but not so creepy experience, and there’s a good plot and regular mystery behind it, making you try to guess who is behind all of these strange coincidences. I liked it how they brought in most of the characters from Pride and Prejudice it was nice to see them once again, and to have Elizabeth and Darcy solving the mystery together can’t get any better than that. They both have the wit, and the sharp mindedness that brings them even closer together. Of course they have their disagreements as well, which is nice to see, as their arguing takes you back to the days when they didn’t get along at all in the beginning of Pride and Prejudice.

I’m happy to see not much drastic change has happened to most of the characters in the book. The scandal behind Mr Hurst seems believable and makes sense considering his vices. Naturally, it was nice to see Caroline hasn’t changed, until later in the book but there’s a reason for it as you will see if you pick up this novel. There are a few twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing as to who might have been behind the entire plot, although I did figure it out eventually before it was said. That might have become a disappointment as I would have liked to have been surprised, but the action at the end (there’s a fighting sequence!) made up for it and proved to be exciting to read. I thought it was a good book, I was so interested in it, it didn’t take me that long to read, and the ending was satisfying despite it being a little obvious who was behind the plot. I thought the little addition of supernatural “forces” at work was a neat little addition. It was subtle and not too overpowering to make it seem ridiculous. It worked seamlessly with the plot and made it more exciting.

I will definitely be pursuing other books in this series, and I am hoping the second book after this will be just as good as the first one. Overall, a great read, perfect for those that love Darcy and Lizzy, but are in the mood for a cozy mystery as well. Give it a try! it was an exceptional read.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


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